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You’re not the boss of me

Ok friends. Here’s the deal. Many of you have asked, “Why don’t you post these on Sundays?” I’ll tell you. First, I am going by the dates in the manual. If you look I always publish my podcast the day it starts in the manual. I’m a rule follower. Didn’t you all hear my rant about obedience? If you didn’t, there should be a glossary where we can look that stuff up. Like, Episode 3 at 1 min 26 seconds she rants about obedience. Or Episode 6 25 min 2 seconds rambles about unicorns. Or whatever. Will someone get on that for me? I’ll pay you $12 on Venmo. Anyway! Sheesh! I even ramble in written form. Forgive me. Back to the date drama. So, besides following the brethren, who made this manual, there are two other reasons I don’t move it to Sunday morning.

1. When would I record it? I procrastinate to the very end every time. No matter how organized I think I am. Do you really think I will record it on Saturday night? Netflix can’t watch itself. And if you think I will get to business and record it in early in the week, then we don’t know each other.

2. IF I PUBLISH IT ON SUNDAY MORNING, YOU WILL BE PLAGIARIZING ALL MY STORES THE WRONG SUNDAY!! You’ll get to Sunday school and raise your hand with your super salty allegory and they will say, “Yo, what are you talking about? Wrong lesson. Get it together.” So, to save you from that embarrassment and confusion, just listen to it Monday morning and play it again for FHE and if you want to do a recap on Sunday before church, you can.

Peace out.

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2 thoughts on “You’re not the boss of me”

    1. The title? “Snarky is as snarky does”? “Just one more tangent” “Come Follow me? maybe?… actually no, I’m too messed up.” “Salty”. I like that one. Just “salty” It could go either way with me.

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