Melanie Stroud

Author name: Melanie Stroud


Hey Friends! Occasionally, I will send out a link to take a quick survey. I want to know what makes people tick. I wish I was a researcher who could just collect data about why people do what they do and then analyze it all day. Wouldn’t that be fun? Here is one about Sunday …

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Day of Pentecost

Sunday in church and this week on the podcast, we were talking about the resurrected Christ and His appearances to the apostles and other people shortly after His death.  It was crazy to me that they just didn’t get it.  Why were they so surprised that the tomb was empty three days after His death?  …

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The one Amalekite

I was reading the Book of Mormon yesterday and came across this scripture in Alma 23:14  “And the Amalekites were not converted, save only one;” And I got to thinking about this one random Amalekite. How did they know there was one? Was this person outspoken about his/her faith? They must have been! Right? How …

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