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Hi friends! I’m just letting you know that my book will be on sale Friday only on Amazon for $9.99!! What a great gift idea for Christmas because next

Ok. Here is a hack that will change your holiday parties. My grandma used to do this when we were kids, and it was great. We all thought it


Hey Friends! Occasionally, I will send out a link to take a quick survey. I want to know what makes people tick. I wish I was a researcher who

Feasting on the words of Christ

In this book, Melanie shares a simple, five-step method to help increase your ability to feel the sweet influence of the Spirit in your life. For almost thirty years, Melanie has seen miracles in her own life, and the lives of countless others as these simple principles have been applied. 

In her fun-loving, easy-going style, she describes the joy she feels as she feasts on the words of Christ every day. 

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Over the past 4 years, I’ve recorded over 200 weekly podcasts that correlate with the Come Follow Me curriculum of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I can’t begin to say how much it has blessed my life.
This year, 2023, will be a mixture of old and new thoughts. Trust me, if I forgot what I said four years ago, so have you.  
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Episode 46 - 1–3 John; Jude, God is Love with Shelby Stroud

Episode 46 - 1–3 John; Jude, God is Love with Shelby Stroud

This episode was co-hosted by my sister Shelby Stroud.  (Now she is my sister AND sister-in-law, thanks to this weekend almost five years ago.)    

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Episode 45 - BONUS EPISODE - Cheerful Giving Ideas

Episode 45 - BONUS EPISODE - Cheerful Giving Ideas

This episode includes many of the awesome stories sent to me about how people have given and received love, service, time and money. I know you’ll love it!

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Episode 44 - James “Be Ye Doers of the Word, and Not Hearers Only”

Episode 44 - James “Be Ye Doers of the Word, and Not Hearers Only”

This episode is about being doers of the word and not hearers only.  Included is an interview with a woman who an LDS family helped in a traumatic time in her life. 

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I love your podcast. I listen on Spotify. I don’t have any social media so I am glad I was able to leave a comment here. I listened to the past weeks show about people leaving comments about the cultures of our church. You are doing AMAZING! Keep on keeping on! Bare your testimony loud and clear just as you are. We have got to teach our youth and future leaders not to tiptoe like our current society acts. I have been the yw president for 3 years and they need this direction sooo much its so imperative! So I completely applaud you! Thank you for your messages
Brooke Covington
I want to let you know how much your podcast means to me every week. I listen to it while I’m getting ready for church every Sunday and it is my recharge. It gets me in the right spirit (Sundays are kind of hard with little kids running everywhere, haha) and always makes me cry (in a good way) and just makes me excited for the lesson and for church. Thank you thank you! You are doing such a good thing. Erica
Thanks for another great episode. Also thank for helping me figure out about the culture/gospel stuff. What you said helped me sort out my feelings and find words. It is nice when someone else starts my brain by their words. I listen, ponder, and then say “Yes, that!” “I have seen enough of Jesus Christ to know that he wants me to be happy” love that. He knows what will make me happy. Have to take that on faith and remembering His hand in my life before. Plus also, love your BofM study plan.
Maren Peel


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