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Episode 9

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I couldn’t find a way to save the comments on the old one so I’m sorry.  If you ever see this again, you could write it again.  Sorry!

This episode is about Matthew 6-7. It only skims the surface of all of the beautiful things in the Sermon on the Mount. It is mainly about prayer and judging people. (Two things I also need to work on!) Always! Ugh. These lessons are always for me.
I describe my Grandma’s beautiful prayers and offer $12 on Venmo to anyone who can come up with something better than, “nourish and strengthen our bodies.” Vain repetitions!!

Some resources:

“I’m at that place where “well done” trumps “well said.” Jen Hatmaker

President Thomas S. Monson has taught us, “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.”

Charity sees the need not the cause.

Check out my book, "Feasting on the Words of Christ," where I share a simple, five-step method for receiving answers to your prayers through the scriptures. You're really going to love it!

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7 thoughts on “Episode 9”

  1. Jennifer Johnson

    When my children were younger, I printed and laminated pictures of things we should be thankful for and put them in a ziplock bag. Before prayers at night, they would pick out several pictures to pray about those things. I got sick of repetitious prayers and that was my solution for that time in my life. Now I need to figure out how to help my teens. I saw your picture at the LV temple on instagram and I wish I had known you were in town, I would have tried to meet you. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. I love your podcast. It helps me to think deeper and ponder more on the scriptures than I usually do. I have also had several impressions as I have listened of how I can teach my family. Thank you for your insights and testimony!

    Also just a scripture I want to share with you about miracles and conversion. It is Alma 23:6. The miracle was their conversion and because they didn’t have to see a miracle it says they never did fall away. I just thought of your conversation and one of your recent purchase about how miracles don’t bring true conversion.

  3. I love that we each learn at our own pace. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing and being vulnerable enough to share your life with us. It’s in those moments I’m able to apply Come Follow Me to my own life.

  4. So, I found an FHE lesson a while back about the Wise Man & the Foolish Man that had a little paper house to put on the sand and “tape” on the rock…but it didn’t work that well since the tape got wet and washed off anyway. I think just dumping water on sand and a rock would actually illustrate better the effect. Then you could talk about how the sand moved and the water didn’t and get less distracted by the house that won’t stay on either of them. Just my thought.

  5. I have found so much joy in your podcast. It always makes me laugh and ponder. I love that it helps me think more and bring out points maybe I haven’t thought of yet on my own. Seriously telling everyone to listen! Thank you! Thank you for be open and honest and taking your time to share.

    We had a cool discussion about prayer. My kids are little so prayers tend to repeat. My older kids (9,7) loved the idea of making out prayers more meaningful. We talked about how being specific in our prayers can help make it more meaning ful. So, for our meal prayers we are trying to not say “thank you for this food”, but instead thanking him for the specific things we are blessed to be eating. The kids have been SO good at this week and it really has helped them to pray and be in the moment. Another thing we talked about that may have been to over their heads was being aware when we are praying for others that we aren’t praying for something that would take away their agency. I find my self saying things like “bless peter to share with his sister and help Ada that she can be nicer to her sister.” However, I’m asking for something that would limit their agency. We talked about instead asking for things like “help peter to feel joy and peace when he is kind”. Anyway, that’s what we talked about for trying to make our prayers more meaningful.

  6. I totally LOVE this podcast! I have binged all the episodes twice if not more and I only found it about 2 weeks ago or so. WOW! Keep up the great work! It’s so authentic! The only idea I can really think of on how to avoid vein reputations would be to pray and ask God how we can do it. But not to leave it there but to then listen to what he tells you and then implement it. When I was on my mission, at one point my mission president had us instead of tracting to preach/teach he had us asking people if we could come in and bless their homes. So when we did this we pretty much went into their homes and prayed for them. I remember when we did this we would seek inspiration when blessing their homes just like when giving actual blessings instead of vein repetitions.

  7. I am glad you did not take the 1 star comment in this episode seriously. Keep sharing your personal stories. They have already made my family better and we have only been listening for a week. Also I love that I talked to the Sunday School teachers in teachers Council and they know your name and pod cast already. Keep up the good work and cry 😭 you heart out. It makes you real. Even the people in the new podcast of Joseph Smith First Vision(Which is how I found yours) had feelings.

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