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Episode 18 Doctrine and Covenants 46–48 “Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”

This episode includes my interview with Finley Joseph about his and his family’s experience visiting one of our churches.  I also speak a little on spiritual gifts and keeping a record.

From the manual:

As Parley P. Pratt, Oliver Cowdery, Ziba Peterson, and Peter Whitmer Jr. left Kirtland and moved on to other fields of labor, they left over one hundred converts who had plenty of zeal but little experience or direction. There were no instructional handbooks, no leadership training meetings, no broadcasts of general conference—in fact, there weren’t even very many copies of the Book of Mormon to go around. Many of these new believers had been drawn to the restored gospel by the promise of marvelous manifestations of the Spirit, especially those they knew about from studying the New Testament (see, for example, 1 Corinthians 12:1–11). Soon, some unusual expressions of worship—including falling to the ground or writhing like a snake—were introduced into their Church meetings. Many found it hard to discern which manifestations were of the Spirit and which were not. Seeing the confusion, Joseph Smith prayed for help. The Lord’s answer is equally valuable today, when people often reject or ignore the things of the Spirit. The Lord revealed that spiritual manifestations are real and clarified what they are—gifts from a loving Heavenly Father, “given for the benefit of those who love [Him] and keep all [His] commandments” (Doctrine and Covenants 46:9).

Here is the talk mentioned in the podcast.

Our Strengths Can Become Our Downfall | Dallin H. Oaks

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4 thoughts on “Episode 18 Doctrine and Covenants 46–48 “Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts””

  1. Sabette Doan

    Where can I get your show notes. In the latest podcast you share a quote that I would like to write down. Thanks!

  2. Miranda Danielle Jarrell

    Oh I just love this podcast. My story is continually being written. The Lord sent me a wonderful man who helped to heal my heart after a divorce and reintroduced me to The Book of Mormon. I grew up in Alabama as a southern baptist and have always loved church, fellowship with other believers, and sharing the gospel wherever I go. When my divorce happened and my world seemed to be changing so fast I felt lost and alone. Long long story short I came back to the true church and have recommitted my life to being a member of the LDS church. That amazing man I mentioned before has even more amazing parents and his most precious mother gave me a list of podcasts to help me grow my faith and testimony of The Book of Mormon. Come Follow Me for Us and Come follow me for Youth were both listed. I downloaded and subscribed to both on Spotify. I have devoured the DC podcasts each week and I am now going through season two. What I love is that I feel like we are friends. I just listened to a podcast from season two where you talk about being like a fan girl and a soulmate to another woman- who doesn’t know you…YET! I feel like that. When we grow in faith together Heavenly Father really does knit our hearts together. Thank you Melanie for sharing your love for Jesus, the Book of Mormon, and explaining the DC to me- as well as the rest of the world. You make a difference in my life each day. Also… my children and boyfriend think we talk the same. I am a teacher and I know I say some of the same things you do when transitioning topics and I love to talk about JESUS. I could ramble on and on, because I feel like you are my personal teacher. I have learned so much from you and it is just nice to hear your voice read from the scriptures especially when life becomes trying. I would love to meet you in real life, but don’t worry I am not a stalker. No seriously, I am not a stalker. HA! I live in Washington State now and I go “home” to the south each year. Maybe I will run into you on an airplane. I would love to talk with you about Jesus for an entire plane ride. In fact, I was thinking maybe I could be the next person you meet on a plane and share your book with. How awesome. Thank you Melanie for sharing your love and light with the world and making time in such a busy and crazy world we all live in. You are loved and you are light! SHINE ON! P>S if you are reading this and you miss the community feel of churches in the south- you know the fellowship and meet and greet and hug your neck kind of churches… find a Latter Day Saints church and go. These are the most loving and care people. Jesus truly lives within the hearts of the church. I thought I would never find a church in Washington that made me feel at home. Well I have found it, and I love my ward. ALSO… The music is slow and sacrament meeting is different than a baptist church, but it is filled with the spirit. Trust me. GO! Find the missionaries, they are precious! Listen to Melanie she is the sunshine over here for me each day. Just do it.

  3. Kaytlynn Ballou

    Melanie, what can I say but I love you!!!! I’ve been listening from the beginning and this comment is a long time coming. Your words each week are so inspirational and have been exactly what I needed more times than I can count. I love your spiritual insights and down-to-earth ways to relate the gospel to our lives. This week your mention of Shelby’s blog painted a perspective that I desperately needed. I recently gave birth to my first baby, a perfect little boy that I adore! His birth took a really unexpected turn and I’ve had a difficult time reconciling a mountain of emotions-guilt, anger, sadness, grief. Not to mention tons of “what-ifs” that love to creep in. At my 41 week appointment ultrasound my baby boy was breech. I went from anticipating a natural birth in a birth center to having a c-section. I had painstakingly prepared, prayed, exercised, you name it for this beautiful and sacred experience that was suddenly gone. Less than 3 hours later I had a baby in my arms. While I’m extremely grateful I didn’t go into labor beforehand and that everyone is healthy and well, I’ve struggled with why it had to happen this way. Today I went on a beautiful journey starting with a mother’s day musical number, including your example about Shelby and finishing with some other spiritual impressions from my scripture study. I’ve written it all down but I’ll be concise here: my experience may be just for my own personal growth or it could be that I’ll need it to help someone down the road. Heavenly Father is using this experience to teach me, help me grow and to maybe someday bless another one of his children. What matters most is how I can leverage this growth and become the best mother I can be-loving and nurturing my son and teaching him how to recognize the spirit and live the gospel. Thank you so so SO much for everything you do! You continue to be a great example and force for good in my life. I appreciate the sacrifices and hard work that you give. You are amazing and wonderful in every way! I can’t wait to read your book. SHINE ON!

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