Melanie Stroud

Section 45 TRIVIA

Every wonder how much you retain as you listen to the podcast? As you read the sections for the week? As you participate in Sunday School?

Well, click the link below to test your skills and see what you learned this week.



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4 thoughts on “Section 45 TRIVIA”

  1. Shawn Bartlett

    My study of The Book of Mormon daily has increased my ability to feel the Spirit in preparation for my re-baptism. The Scriptures have brought me closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Thank you Melanie for your spirit that you bring into my life.

  2. Whitney Lemme

    Thanks for quizzes! They are fun and a great way to see how well I’m internalizing the lessons! ….and I have plenty of room for improvement! 😂

  3. I just started binging your podcast this past week. It has filled my soul with much needed joy and spirit. I have mentioned this podcast to my friend as well. I now am implementing more scripture study and prayer in my daily life. Thank you for all you do.

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