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Episode 1 Doctrine and Covenants 1 Hearken, O Ye People

This is the first episode of Season Three.  This episode talks about how we can know the truth and what to do if we have questions.  It also talks about Section 1 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

Doctrine and Covenants 1

“Hearken, O Ye People”

In November 1831, the restored Church of Jesus Christ was just a year and a half old. Though growing, it was still an obscure group of believers living in a sparsely settled frontier, led by a prophet in his mid-twenties. But God considered these believers to be His servants and His messengers, and He wanted the revelations He had given them to be published to the world.

Doctrine and Covenants section 1 is the Lord’s preface to the compilation of these revelations, and it clearly shows that even though the membership of the Church was small, there was nothing small about the message God wanted His Saints to share. It is a “voice of warning” for all “the inhabitants of the earth,” teaching them to repent and establish God’s “everlasting covenant” (verses 4, 8, 22). The servants carrying this message are “the weak and the simple,” but humble servants are just what God needs—then and now—to bring His Church “out of obscurity and out of darkness” (verses 23, 30).

For more about the history behind Doctrine and Covenants 1, see Saints, 1:140–43.

Please remember what the manual says about studying Come Follow Me:

“How Should I Use This Resource?

Use this resource in any way that is helpful to you. You may find it helpful as a guide or aid for personal and family scripture study. You could also use it for home evening. The outlines highlight important principles found in the Doctrine and Covenants, suggest study ideas and activities for individuals and families, and provide places to record your impressions.

Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families is not meant to replace or compete with other good things you are doing. Follow the Spirit’s guidance to determine how to approach your own study of the word of God.”


Please watch this video. It’s such a great talk!!

“You cannot prove the Church is true by disproving every claim made against it. That will never work. It is a flawed strategy. Ultimately there has to be affirmative proof, and with the things of God, affirmative proof finally and surely comes by revelation through the spirit and power of the Holy Ghost.” – Lawrence Corbridge

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13 thoughts on “Episode 1 Doctrine and Covenants 1 Hearken, O Ye People”

  1. I love your podcasts! I’m new to the podcast world and a bit techno challenged and Idk how to post a review. But I wanted you to know that I wait with excitement each week fir your podcast.

    I love how I feel like I can be human and still be on the right path! I’ve gotten so much hope and understanding that sometimes the “culture” of the church I grew up with interfered.

    Please continue to do what you’re doing! You have been blessed with a beautiful gift!

  2. I really enjoy Melanie’s insight into gospel principles and the scriptures. I teach Sunday School to the youth and I need her help every time I teach. She helps to make it personal and practical in our lives today. Thank you for sharing your feelings each week.

  3. As I was listening to your podcast today, I was thinking about people in my family who have left the church. When you talked about your ex-husband leaving, and all the pressure put on you to leave the church too, I understood how you felt. I see that kind of pressure being put on my kids, probably not intentionally, but it’s still there as they watch those family members follow their anti-LDS sentiments and discuss them. I then realized the Lord has blessed you and made you an instrument in His hands because of your faith and devotion. I think this podcast is a special ministry He made for you because you have continually proven you will not be moved by the world’s doctrines.
    My husband and I both listen to your podcasts. I usually listen while driving to and from work. You make the scriptures fun to study, and I am encouraged to open my scriptures more and have some personal study time.
    Keep going, Melanie! You’re changing the world, one verse at a time.

  4. I love 💘 you Melanie!! You are my favorite part of my week-long Come Follow Me study. When I share things you’ve said with my husband, I refer to you as “My Friend Melanie”.

    My testimony has grown SO much this past year, and you play a part in that. I love your humor and occasional silly rants. I swear I can feel your love for our Savior reaching out over the podcast air waves!

    Thank you for the time you put into teaching and sharing the gospel and your testimony with all of us mortals every week!

    I LOVE YOU!!

  5. Hi Melanie, Happy New year! Thank you for all you do to love, teach, inspire, enlighten so many including me! I’ve been listening since you started podcast but not as diligent until this year! I don’t have huge inspiration and haven’t mastered how I can get my own revelation yet. But each day, week, month I’m striving to be more faithful. I too have ADHD so I struggled w your “magical” way of reading as I was opening each footnote, I felt like I’d struggle to focus on the message … but I’m trudging along! You reached out to me personally about the time you got married to help me understand the study process! I was so impressed that you cared enough about your followers to help just me. I love that you are Real, candid, spunky, & direct in sharing the Lirds message to all who will hear! You make it simple and tangible to keep going! I retired Apr 1st to care for my Dad w Alzheimer’s in my home this year! It’s been a rough ride but I look forward w delight when you podcast is ready! I’m taking your challenge to continue to read the Book of Mormon and study the Doctrine & Covenants /CFM. I listen to multiple podcasts each week but you are the girl that speaks to my heart!!! Thank you for sharing your talents, testimony, love, & diligent example of what a disciple of Jesus Christ does! I love you!

  6. This was the first podcast I have listened to of yours,, I really enjoyed your testimony, and your fun personality! You are a wonderful teacher, and I can tell a very strong woman! I will continue to come back and listen to your podcast. Thank you so much for the time you put in to Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. And for sharing your testimony that helps strengthen gods children.

  7. I’ve been listening to your podcast for a few months after a recommendation from a friend. It has really enhanced my come follow me study! I really appreciate all your efforts and your enthusiasm. You do a great job. It’s like you were born to do this 🙂 shine on!

  8. Thank you for doing this podcast. I listen to it every week, and look forward to it. I especially love this week’s lesson. I really feel your spirit and testimony coming through. You strengthen my testimony with your testimony.

    1. I never take the time to leave reviews for anything. But, I want you to know how much I appreciate the time you spend in your preparation and the talks you highlight and point us to. After the podcast, I looked up the Brad Wilcox talk about grace and listened. I was so overcome with emotion and quickly taught by the Spirit how simple but important understanding Christ’s grace is! I want to feel comfortable in God’s presence and also want to be known as a “big fan of Jesus”! Thanks for your role in the promptings I am receiving.

  9. I loved how you brought up the fact that Jesus was probably right there telling Joseph Smith what to write (he didn’t even NEED the plates). I have a hard time coming home from church or stake conference & remembering what the speakers said to write down, so that made Alma’s recall of what Abinidi said more “real” for me. How could he remember all of that juicy stuff to scritch onto the plates so much later than when he heard it? It also makes sense that they’re always talking about their “weakness in writing”, when it sounds pretty powerful to me! Of course, Jesus was right there as Joseph “translated”, making sure it was correct and how He wanted it! Thank you for your insights and dedication. I love listening to the podcast!

  10. Kathy Christensen

    I love your podcast! During Covid and the house is quiet it gives me something uplifting to listen to and think about and I love how you laugh and your stories they uplift me and make my afternoon is really wonderful thank you!

  11. Thank you for making this! I slept late today and wanted to find a lesson online. I was actually looking for the ones they had on KBYU that had one of my institute instructors from the 90s. I scrolled through so many titles in youtube. And I came across yours! This is just what I needed!

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