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Episode 2 Joseph Smith—History 1:1–26 I Saw a Pillar of Light

Joseph Smith—History 1:1–26

“I Saw a Pillar of Light”

This episode is about Joseph Smith’s first vision.  This episode touches on the ways we look for truth, following the pattern of the first vision, and ways we can safeguard our testimonies.

From the manual:

The Doctrine and Covenants is a book of answers to prayers: many of the sacred revelations in this book came in response to questions. So it’s appropriate to begin studying the Doctrine and Covenants by considering the question that began the latter-day outpouring of revelation—the one Joseph Smith asked in a grove of trees in 1820. A “war of words and tumult of opinions” (Joseph Smith—History 1:10) had left Joseph confused about religion and the state of his soul; perhaps you can relate to that. There are many conflicting ideas and persuasive voices in our day, and when we want to sort through these messages and find truth, we can do what Joseph did. We can ask questions, study the scriptures, ponder, and ultimately ask God. In response to Joseph’s prayer, a pillar of light descended from heaven; God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared and answered his questions. Joseph’s testimony of that miraculous experience boldly declares that anyone “who [lacks] wisdom might ask of God, and obtain” (Joseph Smith—History 1:26). We can all receive, if not a heavenly vision, at least a clearer vision, illuminated by heavenly light.

One last push – please watch this talk before you begin your serious study of the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History this year.


Stand Forever – Lawrence Corbridge

This talk by President Nelson was referenced in the manual.

Russell M. Nelson, “Revelation for the Church, Revelation for Our Lives,”

This talk was the talk I referenced from the October 2019 Conference. Last talk of the day, simply “Closing Remarks.”

Closing Remarks President Nelson

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