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Episode 13 Jacob 5–7 The Lord Labors with Us

Jacob 5–7

The Lord Labors with Us

There are many, many people who haven’t yet heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you ever feel overwhelmed by the immensity of the task of gathering them into the Lord’s Church, the allegory of the olive trees in Jacob 5 has a reassuring reminder: the vineyard belongs to the Lord. He has given each of us a small area to assist in His work—our family, our circle of friends, our sphere of influence. And sometimes the first person we help gather is ourselves. But we are never alone in this work, for the Lord of the vineyard labors alongside His servants (see Jacob 5:72). God knows and loves His children, and He will prepare a way for each of them to hear His gospel, even those who have rejected Him in the past (see Jacob 4:15–18). And then, when the work is done, all those who have been “diligent in laboring with [Him] … shall have joy with [Him] because of the fruit of [His] vineyard” (Jacob 5:75).

Here are the two talks I briefly metioned. 

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2 thoughts on “Episode 13 Jacob 5–7 The Lord Labors with Us”

  1. I have been listening!! Love, love, LOVE you and your podcast. Thank you for being so faithful and inspiring!!
    This week has been a witness to the Lord’s mindfulness of little ‘ole me!!
    It’s been just over a year since I moved to a small town in Florida to be near my elderly mom. I have hated it! I moved away from my son, from a place I lived for 15 years, from my friends and ward. It took me 8 months to find a full time job, and I’m working harder than I ever have in my life (a para for a pre-k ESE class … who needs more love than these kids!), there is not much to do here and I have felt alone! BUT… I have thought of my roll in this great gathering and this weeks Podcast has just confirmed my thoughts!! I moved into a “branch” (there has been some falling away by long time members.) but we just baptized a 15year old YW (I serve as 1st counselor) and she is a pistol! I just realized this is where I should be! I have been grafted in!! I have shared simple testimony of my faith and experiences at church and with kids and teachers at school and have really tried to be a light unto others. I have a great testimony and love the Lord and the scriptures.
    I have this week to rest and regroup and get my fire going. With this new perspective, I look forward to getting back to school and loving my special little kids even more and sharing with my wisdom with the older kids (they need hope) in my after-school daycare roll. This is amazing! The Lord of the vineyard is mindful and is gathering. I want to be a part of that. He has blessed me and for a year and I missed seeing the blessing! I am in the nethermost part of the vineyard and as I look at the people who show up on Sundays and service projects, etc. I see that the roots are good and I have been grafted in to help this little branch!
    God lives! The Lord of the vineyard has spared us a little longer! My heart is willing and I will keep trying. Thanks again for your testimony and messages of hope!

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