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Episode 14 Enos-Words of Mormon, He Works in Me to Do His Will

March 23–29

EnosWords of Mormon

He Works in Me to Do His Will

As you read Enos through Words of Mormon, look for messages that will be valuable to you or your family.

Enos went to the forest to hunt beasts, but he ended up staying there to pray “all the day long … and when the night came” (Enos 1:3–4). Because his soul was truly hungry to receive a remission of his sins, Enos was willing to pray as long as necessary and even to “wrestle” before God (Enos 1:2). That’s what sincere prayer is: not so much asking for anything we want but a sincere effort to commune with God and align our will to His. When you pray in this way, when your voice has “reached the heavens,” you discover as Enos did that God hears you, and He truly cares about you, your loved ones, and even your enemies (see Enos 1:4–17). In those moments, God can make His will known to you, and you’ll be more willing and able to do His will because you are in harmony with Him. Like Mormon, you may “not know all things; but the Lord knoweth all things … [and] he worketh in [you] to do according to his will” (Words of Mormon 1:7).

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