Melanie Stroud

Episode 6

Episode 6
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me

This week I discuss Matthew 4 and Luke 4-5. First I go off on a crazy tangent about being distracted in my life and how it caused me to miss something cool. Then I talk for a while about when Christ went to commune with God and Satan came along and tried to tempt him with all different things. I then talk about how when we try to get closer to God, Satan always jumps in and tries to mess that up. I reference the First Vision when Satan tried to stop Joseph Smith from praying.  I then suggest we tell Satan to back off when we are trying to do something great.
Then I talk about Moses and his encounter with God and then Satan. It’s the best, best, best. I love that part. I then speak about how the Lord can help us reach our divine potential just like he did with his disciples.
Lastly, I talk a little bit about fasting and boo hoo myself right to the end of the podcast.


Here is Aki after Satan tried to “kill” her. Ha ha! 

Aki and Sister Crossman and I

Aki and Elder Swaby

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37 thoughts on “Episode 6”

  1. Angela Baiamonte

    Love your podcasts!!! There are lots of podcasts out there but this is the one I for sure listen to… AND my mind doesn’t start wandering like it does with most. You make the content so applicable. Thank you!!

  2. Stephanie Jorgensen

    I am so grateful I found this podcast! I had been listening to some others and don’t get me wrong they are good, but I can relate so much with you in the stories you share! I love your “realness!” So thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi Melanie!
    This was my first time listening and I was really inspired. I also have a really hard time fasting, I come up with all kinds of excuses. I do have a great experience about humbling myself and allowing others to fast for me. Last year just before mother’s day I was getting ready to donate a kidney to my dad and I was running into all kinds of roadblock (satan perhaps?) I just couldn’t see how things were going to work out to be able to donate at the time that I needed to do it. A little background on me- I’m a mom of 4 kids and the youngest was 18 months. I work part time at BYUI and needed to be able to donate during the 7 week break they have. I also had to lose at least 20 pounds in a short amount of time. And my parents live in California where the surgery would have to be. I would have to stay in California for two weeks. I felt overwhelmed to say the least! After venting to my mom about my frustration she suggested that we ask our family members to fast. The next week after that fast Sunday I saw two miracles. I lost 4 pounds and I was taken off of the “hold” list and was able to move along with the process to become a donor. So many miracles have happened along the way that they are hard to document everything. It has now be 6 months since my donation and both my dad and I are doing great. Thanks for your podcast! I’m really enjoying it!

    1. I loved this entry by Bernadette–what a testimony of the power of fasting! Mel, YOu do a great job…and I’m so very proud of you…and thankful for all you’re sharing!!

  4. Hi Melanie! I remember you when you were in our ward. You taught Gospel Doctrine in our ward and I loved it. You were such a good example to me. Later when they called me to teach gospel doctrine I tried to emulate you…..I wasn’t very good LOL. I love your podcasts and I look forward to them every week. God Bless you and keep you in his arms!

  5. My dearest sweet Melanie. You always crack me up. I absolutely love your podcasts. I love the way you help me realize how much I am loved by our Heavenly Father, and how much the Savior loves all of us and what a tricker the Devil is! ( I have grandkids and they say tricker a lot lol)
    I love being a part of hearing your sweet voice and your wonderful words weekly. It has helped me more than you know! I love you so much my beautiful friend. Continue to stay classy Melanie Price Wellman

  6. Love your podcast! I’m sharing with everyone I know! I love that you don’t try to present a perfect version of yourself. We are all struggling with something and doing our best to follow Jesus and you help me remember I don’t have to be perfect while trying to follow Him. ❤️

  7. Hi, I decided to leave a comment just because you told me not to. 🙂 I do enjoy your podcasts and have subscribed so that I don’t miss any of them. I recommended them to my sister. Your point of view adds a lot of depth to my studies and I appreciate hearing what you have to say. I don’t struggle with fasting, but I do struggle with understanding what fasting has to do with this spirituality. I went “down a rabbit hole“ this week following the links to general authority talks on the subject of fasting and learned quite a lot. I need to go back and review those talks and write down my thoughts because if I don’t, I will forget what I learned. Oh, the joys of old age!

  8. I love how real and down to earth you are 👊🏽 you just crack me up 😆

    I love your podcast lessons so much I’ve shared it with 5 other Mumma’s – yay!

  9. Thanks for doing this. This morning I searched podcast for Come, Follow Me. I am going to listen every week. I love your down to earth insight.

  10. Melanie, you’re a blessing. And the podcast notes…..well, I had no idea what you were talking about when I heard you reference them….until now. My husband, daughter and I are driving back home to New Mexico from Spring, Texas. (My grandson got baptized on Saturday 😊👍🏻💙. ). Anyway….we are listening to your podcast, following the manual this time, and I finally discovered “the episode notes.” You might be tempted to be lead to believe that you aren’t making a difference, don’t listen or believe those lies. You are making a huge difference! Blessings and hugs, Tanya 🌸💗

  11. I loved what you said about faith this week. Faith requires us to need God. That is something I knew, but yet needed reminding of and need to think about. We listen to your podcast as a family each Sunday morning as a review to our weekly study. I love you Mel. It is so good to hear your voice and feel your love each week!

  12. Melanie!! I love you! I’m dying that I came across this by accident! Brett and I have always adored you..I mean you’re family…come on! I’d love to reconnect! Email me back!

  13. I LOVE your podcasts. They have helped me come closer to Heavenly Father and His Son. Every story you share and every detail you go through has benefitted and applied to me in some small way. Thank you for your courage and strength, for your time, for you being you (tears and all). Even though I’ve never met you, I love you! Don’t stop believing… you do make a difference!

  14. Melanie, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful testimony and your thoughts each week! You are helping me to expand my own testimony, and to think more deeply about the lessons and how they relate to our lives today. You’re awesome! Please keep sharing. ❤️

  15. My family is taking time every day after dinner to read (5 verses), pray, and then “study”. We keep it simple and small because we have young children. The oldest also has his own book of Mormon study guide he is reading from. On Sunday, We gather at the table for our study. We right about (or draw because they can’t spell) what we learned this week.

    The big thing that stuck out to me was a simple lesson of our mind being like a stage. only one ‘actor’ can be on at a time. if you don’t put an ‘actor’ on the stage, then Satan will. you need to continually try to occupy your mind with good, songs, service, scriptures, clean jokes, ect. when your stop trying to keep your mind with the good, then Satan pushes bad into your mind. Christ knocks to be let in. You must open the door.

  16. Melanie!
    I want to thank you for this podcast! I love it!!
    A really hard life decision has been thrown my way and I’ve been struggling to find an answer. I thought about prayer, scriptures, the temple….when you talked about fasting I thought WHY IN THE WORLD DID I NOT THINK TO DO THAT!!! I knew the spirit was telling me to fast and your stories inspired me! Prior to listening to this I felt unguided and kinda frustrated. It was only when I was filled with the spirit from your podcast that my heart was open to receive that prompting! Thank you for your hard work and always following the spirit when your teaching ❤️

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