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Some Answers

Ha Ha Ha! I complained today that no one visits this site. Then I got on here and found a bunch of comments that I guess I had to “approve.” Oops. I don’t know what I’m doing! Forgive me.

The song my sister-in-law sang at the end of Episode 5 was “All He’s Done For Me,” by Clive Romney.

Here is the picture of the ice cream fight. I hope it’s ok to post it. I don’t know where any of these people are today. If they are in witness protection, at least they weren’t in 1993.

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4 thoughts on “Some Answers”

  1. I was sad yesterday, Monday. When I went to start listen for my Monday morning drive to work. There was no podcast to load. I was surprised at how big of an impact that this podcast has made on me and my life. “You don’t know how much you love something until it is gone.” I am glad that it was available today, Tuesday.

    Concerning your story of the flight and asking for priesthood. I have been in situations where my priesthood was gone, where the spirit was gone, and where I was no longer clean. I learned a hard way that I loved those things. I loved being clean and being able to use the priesthood to serve. I loved the peace, warmth, happiness and hope that came from the spirit in my life.

  2. This podcast is having a big impact on me and others. After I heard it, I convinced my wife to listen and she did. she likes it too. Some suggestions:
    1) Keep crying, when your heart strings get pulled. I think that your genuine tears actually add to the podcast. When I heard your first session, you cried a lot. I cried with you. Allow us to cry with you. (tell your brother tough, and that he is wrong).
    2) Place as much material in this podcast as you feel needed. There is no length of time that is right, unless it is dictated by God.
    3) Remove what is not right and keep the rest. You get side tracked on tangents, so what. I believe you should listen to your recording when you are done. If there is anything that does not feel right (good, correct, ect.) then remove it, or change it. “Anything that is good cometh from God”. Keep the rest! The length of time does not matter. Just let your listeners know that is what you will be doing. (let your mom know that too.)
    4) Front load! Make the order of your podcast have the most important items in the front. Don’t get me wrong, what you have now is good. However, don’t constrain the spirit to tradition. If you find that you are being guided that you need to dive right in to one topic, because it is most important, then place it first. If a comment was made that you need to quote, place it first. If you think someone singing is the most important, make it first.
    5) Don’t stop. Even if no one was listening. While I know that I am being blessed and guided as I listen, you are being blessed. I have noticed it in the short time since you began. You would be better off to jump into a roaring volcano than to stop this.

    1. Thank you for listening. I’m glad you are enjoying it! And thanks for the suggestions. I’m ok with crying, just trying to not bawl through the whole thing every time. And trust me, I listen to it. You should hear it before I edit it to death. It takes me hours and hours to do it because, believe it or not, I got on more crazy tangents that I actually DO edit out and there are 1,000 ANDS and SOs etc. This takes a lot of time each week, but I feel it’s so worth it. Thanks again for your suggestions and I will keep them all in mind as I plan and record.

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