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Yay!! The Audible version of the book is now available. Thanks so much for your patience. I’m not quite sure why the description isn’t available on it yet. I’m troubleshooting that. But you all know what it’s about and I’m not going to make you wait any longer!

Word to the wise! If you’re used to me talking a mile a minute, you may want to listen at faster than 1.0 speed. I had to read nice and slow for Audible. I was also afraid they were going to take out a part where I started laughing at myself and couldn’t stop. They didn’t. You’re welcome.

Love you guys!!

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2 thoughts on “YOU CAN NOW LISTEN!!”

  1. Corrina Milner

    Is the book available on Audible U.S. and not Canada? I can’t find it on Audible but am only on the Canada Audible.

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