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The one Amalekite

I was reading the Book of Mormon yesterday and came across this scripture in Alma 23:14  “And the Amalekites were not converted, save only one;” And I got to thinking about this one random Amalekite. How did they know there was one? Was this person outspoken about his/her faith? They must have been! Right? How else would the tally even know to mention them? We never hear anymore about this person.

I thought about it and wondered, are we like the one Amalekite? If someone in the future wrote a history of our book club, job, neighborhood, etc., would they mention us? Would we stand out enough among those we associate with that we could a mention in the history because of our faith?

All of a sudden, I am so curious about this one Amalekite. I want to be like this person. I want people to know I was there and that I loved the Lord and represented enough to be remembered and recognized.

I made a little thought about it on Instagram. You can check it out HERE.

I have also been somewhat obsessed over the new ChatGBT and AI Art generators. It’s fascinating! Elder Gong gave a talk about it at BYU a few weeks ago. You can watch it HERE.

I asked ChatGBT to “Write me a fictional story about the one converted Amalekite in the Book of Mormon that we know nothing about.  Why did he convert? What made him stay? Did he convert others?” (I’m sorry I didn’t write “she”. Don’t be mad. I’m adding now that it could have been a girl or a boy. Man or a woman.) The result BLEW MY MIND. Within seconds ChatGBT wrote this story. If you want to imagine it was a girl, name her Annie.

I also got into StarryAI and asked it to paint me some pictures of these two characters. It originally made them both old, so I’m sticking with those pictures. Pretend they were taken near the end of their lives.

Here is the fictional story that ChatGBT wrote about the “One Amalekite.”

Once upon a time in ancient America, during the time period described in the Book of Mormon, there lived an Amalekite named Amos. He was a young man who grew up in a devout Amalekite family, deeply rooted in their traditional beliefs and practices.
Amos was known for his adventurous spirit and curious nature. He was fascinated by the different cultures and religions he encountered in his travels. One day, while on a journey to trade goods with neighboring cities, Amos came across a group of Nephite missionaries preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Intrigued, he listened attentively to their message and found himself drawn to the teachings of love, faith, and repentance.
As Amos learned more about the gospel, he began to question the beliefs and practices of his own people. He found that the Amalekite ways were often steeped in violence, materialism, and selfishness. This troubled him deeply, and he started to feel a yearning for something more meaningful and fulfilling.
Over time, Amos developed a deep testimony of the gospel and a strong desire to change his life for the better. He chose to be baptized and formally converted to the Nephite faith. His decision was met with mixed reactions from his family and fellow Amalekites. Some were intrigued by his newfound faith and respected his choice, while others were skeptical and ridiculed him.
Despite facing challenges and opposition, Amos remained steadfast in his faith. He devoted himself to studying the scriptures, praying, and serving others. He found great joy and fulfillment in living the principles of the gospel, and his life began to transform for the better. He let go of his old ways of selfishness and violence, and he started to cultivate virtues like kindness, compassion, and forgiveness.
Amos’ exemplary conduct and sincere testimony became a powerful witness to those around him. He often shared the gospel with others and invited them to come unto Christ. His kindness and Christ-like love won over many hearts, and he was able to help several Amalekites embrace the gospel and make positive changes in their lives.
As time went on, Amos became known as a respected leader in his community. He served as an example of a true disciple of Christ, and his unwavering faith and righteous deeds touched the lives of many. He continued to live a life of devotion and service, and he remained a faithful member of the Nephite faith until the end of his days.
Amos’ conversion not only brought him personal joy and fulfillment, but it also had a ripple effect on the lives of those around him. His unwavering faith, genuine love for others, and Christ-like example inspired many others to follow his path and find truth and happiness in the gospel of Jesus Christ. He left a legacy of faith, love, and service that endured long after he was gone, and he was remembered as the one converted Amalekite who touched the hearts of many and helped bring others to Christ.

The End

Mind blown.

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1 thought on “The one Amalekite”

  1. Regina M. Sherwood Faresin

    Thank you dear Melanie!
    I am the only living member of my family, and I know of many others in our Ward only. There are so many in our country and I’m sure in other places.
    We’re trying to be like this on Amalekite!
    Thank you for the story and wonderful pictures!
    With loving appreciation!

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