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Episode 7 – Genesis 24–27 The Covenant Is Renewed

This episode is about Rebekah and Issac and how she was prepared and how the Lord had his hand in it.  I also share my sweet friend Reed’s testimony about the Book of Mormon answering his prayers. 

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From the manual:

God’s covenant with Abraham included the promise that through Abraham and his posterity “shall all the families of the earth be blessed” (Abraham 2:11). That’s not a promise that could be fulfilled in one generation: in many ways, the Bible is the story of God’s ongoing fulfilment of His promise. And He began by renewing the covenant with the family of Isaac and Rebekah. Through their experiences, we learn something about being part of the covenant. Their examples teach us about kindness, patience, and trust in God’s promised blessings. And we learn that it’s well worth giving up any worldly “pottage” (Genesis 25:30) in order to secure God’s blessings for ourselves and our children for generations to come.

For Reed’s whole podcast, please go to the Book of Mormon for Youth podcast wherever you listen to podcasts.  Episode 7.

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1 thought on “Episode 7 – Genesis 24–27 The Covenant Is Renewed”

  1. Thank you Melanie! Hearing the faith of Reed who is only 11 years old touched my heart. If he can get the strength he needs at 11 I certainly can get help when I feel overwhelmed and like I cannot go on. Thank you for all you do. Never has changed my life. Thank you for being an instrument in helping so many. I will listen again and again! The Lord will help you keep this going! 🙂

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