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Episode 6 – Genesis 18–23 “Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord?”

This episode is about Abraham and Sarah and sacrifice and obedience.   For episode resources please go to or see

From the manual:

Abraham’s life, filled with events both heartbreaking and heartwarming, is evidence of a truth Abraham learned in a vision—that we are on earth to be proven, “to see if [we] will do all things whatsoever the Lord [our] God shall command” (Abraham 3:25). Would Abraham himself prove faithful? Would he continue to have faith in God’s promise of a large posterity, even when he and Sarah were still childless in their old age? And once Isaac was born, would Abraham’s faith endure the unthinkable—a command to sacrifice the very son through whom God had promised to fulfill that covenant? Abraham did prove faithful. Abraham trusted God, and God trusted Abraham. In Genesis 18–23, we find stories from the lives of Abraham and others that can prompt us to think about our own ability to believe God’s promises, to flee wickedness and never look back, and to trust God regardless of the sacrifice.
Elder Rasband’s talk

Here is a link to the Hello Sunday Episode with Nathan Glad

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8 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Genesis 18–23 “Is Any Thing Too Hard for the Lord?””

  1. I love your message every week, your spirit really shines. I love the Nathan Glad clip I can share it with my family. We also have OI in our family. My kids that have struggled with this are so patient and loving. My grandson when he was almost 2 broke his right leg. When the cast came off he broke it again and had a cast from ankle to thigh. A week later he broke his other leg, full leg cast. It did not show him down, he just scooted all over. One day his sister fell and got hurt and was crying. He scooted from one end of the house clear to the other to give her a hug. As soon as he got close she jumped up and ran away (don’t know why I added that story, I just will never forget that sweet boy and his stinker sister). A few weeks later he fell again and broke his femur, body cast. In 6 months time he broke his leg 4 times. The day after he got home with his body cast on he was laying on his back on the floor and rolled over. Not easy to do right. The next day he grabbed the shag carpet with his hands and pulled with all his might to drag himself across the floor, grab pull, grab pull till he crossed the 5 foot carpet. Exhausted he just layed his head down to rest. The next day he was off across the whole house. He is not going to let anything get him down and he is the sweetest boy ever. He loves everyone and every thing. I do love hearing how other children have learned happiness in trials.

  2. Melanie,
    I’m so un-tech savvy 🤦🏼‍♀️ that I don’t even know if you’ll see this. But I just drove for an hour to take a huge test that I’m super stressed about, so I chose to listen to your podcast to distract me from my anxiety and negative thoughts. Well it worked. I laughed and I cried with you like always. And I had 2 thoughts.
    1. Perhaps your ADD may be a trial at times, but I also see it as a blessing. You follow those tangents girl, because I know the spirit is telling you to for a reason.
    2. And this is random, but as you were talking about Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac and then the spirit stopping him and basically saying “Now God knows that you would have done it.” It felt like God was asking for a sign. 🤨 We’re always told not to ask for signs right? So it felt contradictory. Until…the spirit nudged me and said “God is God, He’s the one who does the testing, not us.” He’s the one who knows how to refine us to be perfect like Him. We just need to be humble enough to let him.

    That’s it, those are my thoughts. Good luck at your writers retreat. You’re going to do great things and I can’t wait for the book when it’s ready. 😘

  3. Dayna Christensen

    Hello, my husband and I have enjoy your podcasts for a long time. Thank you for doing this. We just moved Into your In-laws area. They are wonderful people. Anyway I remember on one of your podcasts you talked about someone giving you some anti-Mormon stuff to read. How it gave you pause, but you pressed forward with your faith. My neighbor told me she was given some of that and now wants to take a break from the church. Your podcast could help her but I do not know which episode it was. Could you send me the link.

    Thank you for the video on how you read the scriptures. It was eye opening.
    Bless you Melanie😁

    1. Melanie Wellman

      I’m so sorry I missed this! And I don’t know what episode that was. I’m so sorry. I probably mentioned that story more than once.

    My husband doesn’t want to do Come Follow Me together and so I have felt a little lost and alone in my scripture study. I have been searching for a podcast that would help ME with my individual study of the Old Testament! I found this podcast last week and LOVED it! It spoke to me in a way I could comprehend and touched my spirit! It felt like having a gospel conversation with my BFF which is what I needed! Thank you for taking the time to do this! I have so much to learn from you! I will be back for more!

  5. My sister recommended your podcast and I cannot express how much I look forward to it each week. There is always a nugget of gold and an aha moment. Thank you for your time and thoughts. I have been feeling like I just don’t understand why the Lord is asking me to do some of the things he has been asking of me right now. This podcast had mg answers. Thank you for continually being an answer to prayer! I cannot wait for your book! Thank you for all your hard work. You are changing lives.

  6. Thanks so much For helping me keep trying to study the Book of Mormon. Even when I don’t keep it up daily. But I don’t think I am bad. I just try harder the next day. I struggle reading. I have struggled my whole life reading books. I listen to the Book of Mormon. I have decided trying to just read a few verses and write what I learn. Because I can’t seem to sit an read for more than 5 minutes. It drives me crazy! Thanks for giving me courage and strength that even a little bit is better than nothing.

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