Melanie Stroud

Episode 25 – Esther “Thou Art Come … for Such a Time as This”

This episode is my interview with a woman named Katie, who is a perfect example of being a modern-day Esther.  We can all follow her example and be braver.   The gospel is just so amazing!  I love what Jesus Christ does for us every day!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 25 – Esther “Thou Art Come … for Such a Time as This””

  1. Brooke Covington

    I love your podcast. I listen on Spotify. I don’t have any social media so I am glad I was able to leave a comment here. I listened to the past weeks show about people leaving comments about the cultures of our church. You are doing AMAZING! Keep on keeping on! Bare your testimony loud and clear just as you are. We have got to teach our youth and future leaders not to tiptoe like our current society acts. I have been the yw president for 3 years and they need this direction sooo much its so imperative! So I completely applaud you!
    Thank you for your messages,
    Brooke Covington

  2. Hi my name is Megan I have been trying forever to reach out to you I absolutely love all of your talks and they bring me great hope right now I’m not a member but I am practicing everything that I am able to do at this time and I do tons of missionary work and people always asking me why do I want to be part of a church ch. That doesn’t want me and I said because I know it’s true and membership is earned and it actually means something so when I’m ready and can conquer my challenges I can get my membership back. All of your talks are so inspiring I listen to 1 to 2A week and I can’t wait to go back and listen to the other seasons. I also wanted to ask if you could please do one more season but do the missionary Handbook lessons break them down into many lessons for people that are maybe too scared to take the missionary discussions you are wonderful open friendly relatible and I think it would be amazing. It would also be an amazing tool for the missionaries to use to pull up things that may be it’s hard for them to talk about or that maybe you as a mother can only relate to because most people who are missionaries haven’t had children and have had the life experiences that a lot of investigators have had. Just think it would be a wonderful idea for you to do one more season but have it be on the missionary discussions
    Could you please email me back and let me know if you got this I have been trying to message you on all the different platforms and have it had little to no luck. Just want to make sure that this gets through.

  3. I LOVE your podcast. It has brought me so much joy, tears, understanding, and hope. I am sure you get feedback that is not so nice, but please understand…I need you! Do not let them get you down! I need this podcast! I need your method of teaching and healing and understanding! I need your spirit! I NEED YOU! I am in the beautiful process of repentance and this particular episode tore opening the wound and let true healing and repentance take over. I hope I can get ahold of Katie and personally thank you. I think I need her in my life and hope that I can help her as well! Melanie, what you do is incredibly important. You teach, serve, and help us see what we can become! THANK YOU!!!!

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