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Episode 26 – Book of Job “Yet Will I Trust in Him”

This episode is about Job and his faith in the midst of trials.  It includes my interview with my niece and her faith after the passing of her mother. 

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3 thoughts on “Episode 26 – Book of Job “Yet Will I Trust in Him””

  1. Cousin Mel, enjoy listening to you so much. I’ve been thinking about family and friends who need to travel thru lifes trials to gain their own testimony, and it’s so hard to watch. When your child turns away from walking with the Savior it leaves a sadness that just doesn’t go away. One comfort that seems to help is the thought that Heavenly Father must believe that we can love them so he sent them to be with us. Listening to you helps keep my head in the good fight. Strive on!

  2. I love the part of Jobs story where his friends come and they sit with him for 7 days in silence. They showed up to show they cared. My Grandson had a seizure in his sleep and passed away. So sudden and hard. As our family was gathering to talk and just figure out how to go forward in such a hard thing, our young women’s president came to the house. My granddaughter, the sister of the deceased was one of her young women. She didn’t say anything, but she came and just lent her listening ear and strength. It is one of the things I remember most about that time. So many ways to mourn with those that mourn. Thank you for all you do to share the gospel

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