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Episode 10 – Genesis 42–50 “God Meant It unto Good”

This episode is about forgiveness and includes parts of Season 1 Episode 1 and Season 1 Episode 17.

From the manual:

It had been about 22 years since Joseph was sold into Egypt by his brothers. He had suffered many trials, including being falsely accused and imprisoned. When he finally saw his brothers again, Joseph was the governor of all Egypt, second only to the pharaoh. He could easily have taken revenge on them, and considering what they had done to Joseph, that might seem understandable. And yet Joseph forgave his brothers. Not only that, but he helped them see divine purpose in his suffering. “God meant it unto good” (Genesis 50:20), he told them, because it put him in a position to save “all his father’s household” (Genesis 47:12) from famine.

In many ways, Joseph’s life parallels that of Jesus Christ. Even though our sins caused Him great suffering, the Savior offers forgiveness, delivering all of us from a fate far worse than famine. Whether we need to receive forgiveness or extend it—at some point we all need to do both—Joseph’s example points us to the Savior, the true source of healing and reconciliation.



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3 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Genesis 42–50 “God Meant It unto Good””

  1. I loved this lesson. Forgiveness is the best! Two thoughts I had:
    Don’t go through the pain and miss the point. Every hurt and sorrow can be turned into growth.
    You don’t have to be divine to forgive, but as you forgive you will become divine.
    Shine on!

  2. Life is like golf!! I love to golf and everytime I play I think of a parable of my life and golf. Especially when my ball is stuck in a tree but I still get to try again. Haha. I love your podcast so much. Thank u for keeping it real and for taking the time every week to teach me so much. Your lesson on how to read the Book of Mormon changed my life and helped me thru some hard times. I love u ❤

  3. Nichole Kleinman (VA)

    I finally found you after hearing you on Leading Saints. Thank you for sharing your testimony, spirit and your personality. Love it all!!!

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