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Episode 8 Doctrine and Covenants 14–17 “Stand as a Witness”

This episode is about the Whitmer family and how they became part of the unfolding of the restoration.  It also talks about the power of God’s word. 

Make sure to listen to or read The Saints about these events.  So much good stuff.

From the manual:

Even though the work of translation was progressing well, by May 1829 the situation in Harmony had become more difficult for Joseph, Emma, and Oliver. Hostility from neighbors was growing while support from Emma’s family was waning. Feeling that Harmony was no longer safe, Oliver reached out to a friend who had expressed interest in Joseph’s work: David Whitmer. David lived with his parents and siblings in Fayette, New York, about 100 miles away. He had met Oliver a year earlier, and Oliver had written him several letters since then, sharing his experiences working with the Prophet. Neither David nor anyone in his family had ever met Joseph. But when Oliver asked if he and Joseph might move to the Whitmer home to finish translating the Book of Mormon, the Whitmers readily opened their doors. And the Lord had more in store for the Whitmers than simply housing the Prophet. He had some specific instruction for them, found in Doctrine and Covenants 14–17, and in time they were to become one of the foundational families of the Church and witnesses to the unfolding Restoration.

For more about the Whitmer family, see Saints, 1:68–71.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 8 Doctrine and Covenants 14–17 “Stand as a Witness””

  1. I have been struggling to do my personal scripture study for a while. I kept hearing the Lord tugging at me to listen to your podcast on how to study the Book of Mormon (season 2 episode 2). I kept forgetting about it and continued to struggle with my study. I have been going through many trials of faith that seem to get harder for the last couple of years. It seems like certain struggles keep getting worse over time. I can feel myself slipping spiritually in a way that I never have before. I feel like I have great faith and didn’t really think something like this could ever happen to me.
    Anyway, today was a hard day. The Spirit prompted me to listen to the most recent podcast. My friend also suggested I listen to the podcast to see if it would help me get through the day. I felt like my friend was the second witness I needed. I decided to listen and it led me to season 2 episode 2.
    I listened to the first 10 minutes and my mind could not stop pondering. I paused the podcast to put my toddler down for a nap and could not stop thinking about the Book of Mormon and the testimony you gave.
    I had the thought that the Book of Mormon was like the serpent Moses was commanded to make for the people to look upon so they could be healed from the bites of the serpents. I thought, the Book of Mormon is our version of the serpent Moses made and all we have to do is read it and we will be healed and protected from the serpent biting us (Satan and his tricks).
    In the evening, I finished the podcast and you used this very same example of Moses and the serpents in the very same way I thought about it earlier that day. I knew it was my Savior telling me that He loves me and is trying to pull me back on the path. My Savior wants me to be close to Him, He wants to heal me, help me, and gather me back in. All I have to do is read and use the faith I know I have. Then He will take me safely back home.
    Thank you Melanie for being a vessel for our Savior. Thank you for your powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. It has woken me up. You are definitely helping gather Israel for those who want God to prevail in their lives.
    I have been praying for a long time for help. I got caught in the laziness of the way and little by little stopped holding on to the rod. The help I was praying for has been here the whole time. All I needed to do was look.

    1. I love this so, so much! I’m so glad you’re doing it! I’m so glad you’re learning to love the Book of Mormon. It is the exactly what you said, the snake on the pole! We just need to look!

  2. This has been an extremely trying week. My brother, who I’ve always looked up to, and has been a spiritual rock for everyone that knows him, informed me that his faith has been shaken, and that he’s taking a step away from the church. I’ve been confused, hurt, and angry as I’ve tried to process this. I decided to listen to this week’s episode of your podcast. In it, you mentioned several things that Satan has been doing to stir things up. I was astounded when you started talking about how he can take things our BROTHER did, and stir us up to anger, contention, and confusion. This was exactly what I was feeling, but when you said this, I had a ‘parting of the red seas’ moment because of the influence of the Spirit that I felt. The Lord spoke to me through you that day. I know that he loves me, and that he is very aware of me and my family. Thank you for helping me to see the light among such dark times.

    1. I’m so sorry for this trial that you and your brother are going through. Love him. Love him so hard right now. That’s what he needs the most.

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