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Episode 7 Doctrine and Covenants 12–13; Joseph Smith—History 1:66–75 “Upon You My Fellow Servants”

This Episode is co-hosted with my sister and sister-in-law, Shelby Stroud.  This episode is about the restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood and Oliver Cowdery and Joseph Smith. 

From the manual: 

Most people around the world have probably never heard of a place called Harmony, Pennsylvania. But the Lord often chooses obscure locations for the most significant events in His kingdom. In a wooded area near Harmony on May 15, 1829, John the Baptist appeared as a resurrected being to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery. He placed his hands on their heads and conferred the Aaronic Priesthood upon them, calling them “my fellow servants” (Doctrine and Covenants 13:1).

To be considered a fellow servant with John the Baptist, who baptized the Savior and prepared the way for His coming (see Matthew 3:1–6, 13–17), must have been humbling, perhaps even overwhelming to these two young men in their twenties. At the time, Joseph and Oliver were relatively unknown, much as Harmony was. But service in God’s work has always been about how we serve, not about who notices. However small or unseen your contribution may seem at times, you too are a fellow servant in the Lord’s great work.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know…we love YOUR podcast! My husband and teenage boys will listen to your podcast, and only yours! So please know what a great job you are doing!

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