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Episode 5 Doctrine and Covenants 6–9 “This Is the Spirit of Revelation”

Doctrine and Covenants 6–9

“This Is the Spirit of Revelation”

This episode is about Oliver Cowdry and his arrival at Harmony to help with the translation.  This episode’s main focus is on receiving revelation.

From the church website.

In the fall of 1828, a young schoolteacher named Oliver Cowdery took a teaching job in Manchester, New York, and stayed with the family of Lucy and Joseph Smith Sr. Oliver had heard about their son Joseph, who was now living in Harmony, Pennsylvania, and Oliver, who considered himself a seeker of truth, wanted to know more. The Smiths described visits from angels, an ancient record, and the gift to translate by the power of God. Oliver was fascinated. Could it be true? Lucy and Joseph Sr. gave him advice that applies to anyone seeking truth: pray and ask the Lord.

Oliver did, and the Lord answered, speaking peace and reassurance to Oliver’s mind. Revelation, Oliver discovered, can be personal—something he would learn even more profoundly in the coming months. Revelation isn’t just for prophets; it’s for anyone who desires it and seeks it. Oliver didn’t know everything yet, but he knew enough to take his next step. The Lord was doing something important through Joseph Smith, and Oliver wanted to be part of it.

Here is a link to the Day’s of Harmony video on the church’s website.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 5 Doctrine and Covenants 6–9 “This Is the Spirit of Revelation””

  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful podcasts. You are so relatable. I just feel at home listening to your voice and the inspiring thoughts you have. I have gained more confidence in my ability to gain my own personal revelation .I also love how you emphasize that once we have had an answer given to us that felt right we shouldn’t keep asking the same question. I really needed that.

  2. Eva Maria Scott

    I love your podcast Emily. this is my second year listening to your come follow me podcasts . Thank you for touching so many lives! we all struggle with the execution of our faith we all struggle doing what is required well I do!!. I listen the podcast in the car often or as I am doing chores in the house. I am a busy working mom and your goofie happy personality and deep spirituality and conviction truly helps me prepare for this lessons.
    I now am ALSO coming to your page and discovering all this additional resources. How can I condense all this information and provide a powerful message when my teenage and college age kids have the attention span and interest of a nat! I always feel like I am forcing it on them it is SO hard

  3. I loved this week’s podcast!! I’ve listened to it 5-6 times! In D&C 6:20 where Christ promises Oliver, if he treasures these words in his heart, is diligent and keeps the commandments he can be encircled in the arm of His love. I’m reading my BofM this morning and 2Nephi 1:15 where Lehi is going for the final push and telling his kids it’s because he’s going to die in a few days but that he is redeemed and encircled eternally in the arms of His love. I’ve never put those 2 situations together before! Shows the blessings of continually reading the BofM whilst studying Come Follow Me!
    Thank you for for your wonderful spirit. You are breath of fresh air and you inspire me to do more.

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