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Episode 46 -S3 Episode 46 The Articles of Faith and Official Declarations 1 and 2 “We Believe”

This episode is about the Articles of Faith, Declarations 1&2 and includes my favorite review of late: Voice Candy.

From the manual:

In the 200 years since Joseph Smith’s First Vision, God has continued to give “revelation upon revelation, knowledge upon knowledge” to the leaders of His Church (Doctrine and Covenants 42:61). In some cases, that revelation directed Church leaders to make changes to the policies and practices of the Church, “according as the Lord will, suiting his mercies according to the conditions of the children of men” (Doctrine and Covenants 46:15). Official Declarations 1 and 2represent this kind of revelation—one led to the end of the practice of plural marriage, and the other made the blessings of the priesthood, including temple blessings, available to people of all races. Changes like these are part of what it means to have a “true and living church” (Doctrine and Covenants 1:30), with a true and living prophet.

But there are also things that don’t change—foundational, eternal truths. And sometimes the purpose of revelation is to cast additional light on these truths, helping us see them more clearly. The Articles of Faith—Joseph Smith’s 13 concise statements of what Latter-day Saints believe—seem to serve this clarifying purpose. Both types of revelation guide and bless the Church, a Church that is solidly founded on eternal truth yet capable of growth and change as the Lord increases our understanding to help us meet today’s challenges. In other words, “We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God” (Articles of Faith 1:9).

Don’t forget to read the extra resources linked in this lesson.  There was a lot of interesting stuff there! 

The Wentworth Letter

The Messenger and the Manifesto

Plural Marriage and Families in Early Utah

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  1. The first time the Presidency asked us to wear a mask they didn’t specifically say “at the temple” so in Meridian Idaho we had less folks wearing masks in the temple than at church. As an ordinance worker one Saturday morning we learned that one of our fellow workers had passed away from Covid, then we were asked to go serve in the temple, even to those who didn’t wear a mask as required. I’ve never been more proud to be part of a group of ordinary people serving as the Savior would. That was a difficult day and it continues to be hard, but we press forward trusting in God. I enjoy your wonderful example and testimony of standing for something. So lucky to know you!

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