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Episode 29 Doctrine and Covenants 88 “Establish … a House of God” Part A

From the manual: 

Every so often, the Lord gives us a small glimpse of His boundless “majesty and power” (Doctrine and Covenants 88:47) through sweeping revelations to His prophets. Doctrine and Covenants 88 is such a revelation—one about light and glory and kingdoms that can make our earthly cares seem insignificant by comparison. Even if we can’t grasp all of what the Lord is teaching us, we can at least sense that there’s far more to eternity than what we now comprehend. Of course, the Lord didn’t speak of these grand mysteries to intimidate us or make us feel small. In fact, He promised, “The day shall come when you shall comprehend even God” (verse 49; italics added). Perhaps it was to that lofty end that the Lord urged His Saints in Kirtland to form the School of the Prophets. “Organize yourselves,” He said. “Prepare every needful thing; and establish … a house of God” (verse 119). For it is within God’s holy house—and in our homes—that He can, more than anywhere else, lift our vision beyond the mortal world, “unveil his face unto [us],” and prepare us to “abide a celestial glory” (verses 68, 22).

For 360-degree views of historic sites associated with the Doctrine and Covenants sections in this outline, click here.


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7 thoughts on “Episode 29 Doctrine and Covenants 88 “Establish … a House of God” Part A”

  1. Your podcast. 😭….little background, I am a convert of 7 years. ….I was raised Baptist by both of my parents which are now deceased. I recently last month to be exact went to temple with youth and they performed my dad’s baptism, and guess what? His favorite song was What a friend we have in Jesus. My confirmation, while listening to the first part of your podcast was the still small words whispered to me that said, Everything is gonna be ok, Missy” I’m going into work after I type this message a little late with makeup smeared all over my face now, but that is ok, what a joyous day. I am so thankful for the gospel and I absolutely love your podcasts. You are the best!!! 🥰

    1. Melanie Wellman

      Wow! That’s the coolest thing ever! That song just popped into my mind as I was writing the podcast. I don’t even have that little hymnbook here – it’s in Georgia. So I just googled it. I’m sure it was for you! LOVE IT!!

  2. Melanie,
    I love your podcast because you use the manual and your are so REAL! Thank you so much. I listened to you this morning and very much appreciate what you shared about your experiences going through your divorce. I also was going through a divorce (of 29 years) in 2008. My prayers were very intense asking for the Lord’s help to save my marriage. Like you, I received the message in the Temple that the Lord cannot interfere with my husband’s agency. After that, my prayers changed. I then prayed that I would be strengthened to be able to do what the Lord wanted me and needed me to do. Since then, He has blessed me beyond my dreams. I am so grateful for personal revelation and the experiences that testify to me that the Lord is in the details of my life. Thank you for sharing your similar experience and all you do to share the message of the gospel. What you said brought me to tears, but they are good tears now as I’ve been so blessed as the Lord brought me through a very difficult time. Blessings to you and your family!

  3. Melanie, a few months ago I came on here and left some mean comments about pristcraft. Im coming here today to say sorry 😪 It’s not my place to jugde that. Only God knows where your heart is. Please forgive me

    I came across your stuff on the vaccine. I didn’t want to listen to your video because I have been a big time anti vaxxer the past 4 years. But I knew I needed to. And you are 100% right. I dont understand why the Prophet is asking this. But I know I need to listen to him. Your video hit it on the nail. When the keys speak we listen. It think most members dont understand how the pristhood keys truely work. When our own personal revelation goes against what the keys are saying… Something isnt right on our end. Here is a good video on how the keys work.

    Along with your video and these questions plus one other video. Ill post it under the questions. I have peace in my answer. Thank you so much and again im so sorry 🙁

    -Am I being deceived by one of Satan’s tactics?

    – Does the revelation contain truth and lies?

    – Does it generate the appearance of God but go against any previous Revelations?

    – Am I spiritually blind or hardened heart to hear him?

    – Am my hearkening unto the Lord by following his revelation?

    – Am I choosing to let God Prevail over my pride or my knowledge or my opinion?

    – Does this Revelation increase my capacity to be fillied with the gifts of the spirit?

    -Do I have a testimony of the living Prophet?

    We must become one as a church video

    1. Melanie Wellman

      You’re so nice to apologize, but really, there is no need. I’m not mad. I’m excited to watch the links you sent. I’m so happy you’ve found peace about this one and that my video helped. Now give me a dollar. hahahaha

  4. Hi,
    My name is Maria, a friend of mine from the church shared your pot cast with me and I have been listening for some time now.
    I have been around many spiritual practices and I am always happy when I find an honest transparent individual like your self, who has develop and intimate relationship with Papa aka (God).
    All religions have specific practices who help one develop closeness and love for Papa. Because ultimately that is what we are all looking for the unconditional love, peace, joy, beauty that he offers.
    Thank you for your beautiful example.


  5. Hi there I have not seen you before but. Chosen to listen to you today and was reading your view and the song what a friend we have in Jesus I was raised in a children’s home and we Sung this song all the time and I love it and did take all my troubles to the Lord still do today found the words to the song and have IT in my journal thanks

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