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Episode 28 Doctrine and Covenants 85–87 “Stand Ye in Holy Places”

This episode is about journals, how the spirit feels and how it testifies to us, and about standing in holy places.  

From the manual:

Christmas Day is usually a time to ponder messages like “peace on earth” and “good will toward men” (see Luke 2:14). But on December 25, 1832, Joseph Smith’s mind was occupied with the threat of war. South Carolina had just defied the United States government and was preparing for battle. And the Lord revealed to Joseph that this was only the beginning: “War,” He declared, “will be poured out upon all nations” (Doctrine and Covenants 87:2). It seemed like this prophecy would be fulfilled very soon.

But then it wasn’t. Within just a few weeks, South Carolina and the U.S. government reached a compromise, and war was averted. But revelation is not always fulfilled at the time or in the way we expect. Nearly 30 years later, long after Joseph S mith was martyred and the Saints had moved west, South Carolina did rebel and civil war followed. Since then, war throughout the world has caused “the earth [to] mourn” (Doctrine and Covenants 87:6). While the prophecy was ultimately fulfilled, the value of this revelation is less in predicting when calamity will come and more in teaching what to do when it does. The counsel is the same in 1831, 1861, and 2021: “Stand ye in holy places, and be not moved” (verse 8).

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7 thoughts on “Episode 28 Doctrine and Covenants 85–87 “Stand Ye in Holy Places””

  1. Anne Henderson

    I have been meaning to leave a review for weeks and finally I got here!! I was listening to your latest podcast yesterday as i was running errands with my beautiful 11 year old granddaughter. We got to the point where you said something about how the feeling of the spirit felt like a ‘swoosh’. That got us talking and she said that’s is exactly how I felt when I got baptized. Will I feel that when I go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead? That started a lengthy and wonderful discussion. Thank you for allowing me to have that beautiful conversation with her. We are now both planning her first visit to the temple by preparing some family names for baptism.
    I LOVE your podcast and through listening to it you keep my thoughts and actions where they need to be all the time. Thanks Melanie xoxo

  2. Audrey L Fonoimoana

    I struggle with anxiety and have for a long time. It’s better than it used to be, but I still often feel weighed down and afraid often. Listening to your podcasts on my way to work often helps lift some of the darkness off of my spirit. You always seem to have the right truths each week to help me get through whatever eating thoughts are weighing me down in the moment. I’m blessed to have listened to your podcast and hear your testimony each week. Your testimony has helped me grow my testimony of the power of sharing testimonies!

  3. Hi Melanie,
    I had to chuckle when I listened to your podcast this week and you mentioned about being that person that just talks to everyone about Jesus!
    My daughter and I were unloading stuff from a U-haul this morning in the parking lot of her new apartment complex in Memphis and a lady was driving by, stopped and welcomed us to the “neighborhood” and said… ya’ll got Jesus in your life??? Do you need a church??? Haha!!! If we would have been thinking a bit quicker and not so dog gone tired from hauling stuff up 3 flights of stairs, we would have said… yes AND we’re MORMONS!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
    I say that because several years ago we lived in Fayetteville, GA. (Don’t know where you are).
    We had moved there from Utah and weren’t used to people being so open about Jesus!
    We were amazed at how member missionary work was a top priority! Even the Mission President wouldn’t let members feed the missionaries unless we had a non-member or less active there as well!!!
    We learned a lot about how to open our mouths about “Jesus”!!! This was difficult and scary at first because of being raised in “mormonville” Utah. We are so glad we made the decision to move to the “mission field” with our kids! Now, we are in Snowflake, AZ. (not sure where in AZ you are) and we are back in “mormonville” and unfortunately unless you leave that bubble you just don’t have a clue what true member missionary work looks like! And I hate to admit it but… how easy it is to slip back into the easiness of being a “comfortable Christian”, (but listening to you has helped to remind me of how I know I should be acting!!!)
    The blessings we experienced by trusting in putting ourselves “out there” far out weighted the experiences of the people who hated the Mormons! And their were plenty!!!
    With our daughter moving from Provo (BYU) to Memphis (Grad school) she’s far more prepared bc she spent so many years in GA.

    I also want to tell you how much of an emotional lift your podcasts are!!!! Not only for me but also for my inactive sister living in Utah!!! It’s been such a great tool for us to have “church” conversations!!!

    Thank you for being REAL and down to earth and for your willingness to do your weekly podcast and all the time it takes from your personal life!!! I know you are blessing soooo many lives and I know the Lord is so please AND happy with your willingness and your example!!!
    (P.S. my husband flies for Delta-if he’s ever your pilot I’d say you’re in good hands!!!)


  4. Emily
    I love your podcast and your craziness. Just proves that knowledge and spirituality don’t have to be dry and boring! Thank you for that!
    I want to tell you what journal method worked for my mom for years when she was crazy busy keeping way too many balls in the air. Of coarse she had a “paper” calendar.
    When she wrote info on it she’d write more than just a place, person and time etc. She would add notes in very small handwriting like HD (hard day) S got suspended. GD (good day) Called to be RS President. CD (crazy day) M wrecked car. SD (sad day) Neighbor told J son P can’t play, we’re LDS.
    Just little notes to jog her memory of things that may have a big story behind it that would be journal worthy. It’s so easy to forget things we think we’d never forget to add to a journal. Sometimes she’d have months of journal entries to catchup on or maybe even a year or two. But the info was there and she says those events that she noted would often trigger other memories of that general time.
    Do I follow her wonderful example? Randomly. But… I say some recall is better than no recall. And it’s becoming truer everyday! 😘
    Anyway. Sorry this is so long! My son has a couple of podcasts that are very successful and I know what it takes to keep up on it! He starts the one that’s supposed to be daily… “Welcome to our not always daily podcast!”. Disclaimers can’t hurt.
    You need to have a life. Please take it when you need it. Those who love you and what you do aren’t going anywhere. Hugs!❤️

  5. I’m sooo sorry! I misspelled Melanie and it must have auto corrected to Emily. Or maybe I really wrote Emily thinking you were my niece! Anything’s possible. Again. So sorry!!🙃

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