Melanie Stroud

Episode 9 Second Nephi 11-25 We Rejoice in Christ

February 17–23

2 Nephi 11–25

“We Rejoice in Christ”

Engraving on metal plates is not easy, and space on Nephi’s small plates was limited. So why would Nephi go to the tedious effort of copying a large amount of Isaiah’s writings into his record? He did it “that whoso … shall see these words may lift up their hearts and rejoice” (2 Nephi 11:8). In a sense, the invitation to read Isaiah’s writings is an invitation to rejoice. You can take delight, as Nephi did, in Isaiah’s prophecies about the gathering of Israel, the coming of the Messiah, and the millennial peace promised to the righteous. You can rejoice that even in a day of “trouble, and darkness,” you “have seen a great light” (2 Nephi 18:22; 19:2). You can rejoice that you can “draw water out of the wells of salvation” (2 Nephi 22:3). In other words, you can “rejoice in Christ” (2 Nephi 25:26).

Boyd K Packer explains in a talk titled, The Things of my soul, When you start reading the book of mormon, it’s fairly easy… “Then, just as you settle in to move comfortably along, you will meet a barrier. The style of the language changes to Old Testament prophecy style. For, interspersed in the narrative, are chapters reciting the prophecies of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. They loom as a barrier, like a roadblock or a checkpoint beyond which the casual reader, one with idle curiosity, generally will not go.

You, too, may be tempted to stop there, but do not do it! Do not stop reading! Move forward through those difficult-to-understand chapters of Old Testament prophecy, even if you understand very little of it. Move on, if all you do is skim and merely glean an impression here and there. Move on, if all you do is look at the words.  Soon you will emerge from those difficult chapters to the easier New Testament style which is characteristic of the rest of the Book of Mormon.

Because you are forewarned about that barrier, you will be able to surmount it and finish reading the book.”

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12 thoughts on “Episode 9 Second Nephi 11-25 We Rejoice in Christ”

  1. My daughter and I have been checking diligently for this episode this week! Ellie (8) kept asking to listen to your podcast because it helps her understand the scriptures better!

    I had to take a minute in the middle of my errands to tell you I am so excited for you that you have found love again and are engaged! Whoever doesn’t want to hear about it doesnt appreciate fully what you are doing!

    Thank you! So happy for you!


    1. Congratulations on your Engagement. I’m so happy for you. The listener who doesn’t like your crazy doesn’t have to listen to your podcast. I LOVE your crazy and Nephi tells us Men are that they might have JOY. I KEEP meaning to share an experience I had
      Several years ago now. I needed to paint the eaves on my house and heights aren’t my favorite thing. I remember hearing how there is a protection when reading the BOM so I took it very literally. I would get on my ladder with my Kindle and I would listen to the BOM while I painted. It calmed my fears of being so high and I literally felt protected. One time my battery died and I felt that protection leave. I quickly got off the ladder and didn’t return till my Kindle had charged again. I LOVE your podcast and the special BOM episode has changed how I read it now. Every time I’m SHOCKED how the Lord talks to me through the pages of the BOM and other scriptures he leads me to. Shine on

  2. Hello!

    I’m a new listener the last couple weeks. The thing that drew me to your podcast was your silliness, craziness, realness, and simple love for Christ and the Book of Mormon. It was such a breath of fresh air in my life right now when my greatest fear has become my reality… my husband has gone inactive recently, my oldest son following close behind and my testimony is constantly being tried. Thank you for being a light to me and having that silliness that I can relate to.

    Elise Hurst

  3. I love how you love the Book of Mormon!
    I do too!
    I just recently started listening to you. You are my first ever podcast! (And only podcast)
    And don’t ever feel rushed, I could listen for hours. Thank you for your time.
    I also love hearing about your ups and downs because they are inspiring!

  4. Congratulations on your engagement!!! 😍 That’s super awesome! I’ve been listening since early last year, and it has been so fun getting little details of your life now and then every week. In fact, I used to listen to 4 different podcasts about Come Follow Me, but over time that gradually went down to just 1: yours. You don’t just give us teachings about the scriptures, or uplifting messages (you give us plenty of those, but not just those!), but I also get a lot of your delightful personality as the Light of Christ shines on through your voice. Thank you so much for making this amazing podcast!

  5. Hunter Chamberlain

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    My wife started me on listening to your podcasts and I just wanted to thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate the opinions you share and wanted to share an experience I had.
    A few weeks ago I decided to start an Instagram page in order to keep me a little more accountable for studying what I need to. I think it was last week you mentioned that we shouldn’t be ashamed and I got the impression that I should share my page with others. That was something extremely hard for me to do because Im a pretty private guy, and that is going out of my comfort zone, but because of the impression I got while listening to the podcast, I was able to develop the courage to share it. I still just use it as a journal/motivation for me to keep up the good habits, but I hope that I can be a tool in Heavenly Father’s hand to help someone else feel the Spirit or come closer to Christ.

    Thank you so much for what you do!!

  6. Heidi L Schreiber

    With my struggle with anxiety, the thing I am constantly seeking is peace. The world is constantly teaching the wrong things about family, abortion, and selfishness and I have been praying about protecting my girls from that. I was doing what your mission president taught and praying before I read my scriptures specifically for help with protecting my girls and I opened my scriptures to where I left off. I noticed in the chapter heading that it says compare to Isaiah 54 and my heart kinda sank because I find Isaiah hard to understand. I remembered what Nephi said about it being important so I started reading. I came to 3 Nephi 22:13-14 and it says… “And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children….”In righteousness shalt thou be established; thou shalt be far from opression for thou shalt not fear, and from terror for it shall not come near thee.”
    If that isn’t an answer to prayer, I don’t know what is. I wouldn’t have read that if I had just skipped through the Isaiah chapter. You are so great. Thanks for the reminder. I love you.

  7. First off just wanted to say thank you for your podcast. I just recently found you and I love listening. So, thank you for following the prompting to make it. Secondly, I love your analogy of getting “vaccinated” daily by reading the Book of Mormon. You quoted Pres. Nelson and I just was wondering if you could share where or what talk that was from?

    Thank you again and your podcast inspires me to be better and strengthens my testimony every time I listen.

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