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Episode 29 Alma 17-22 I Will Make an Instrument of Thee

Alma 17–22

“I Will Make an Instrument of Thee”

Think of all of the reasons people might give for not sharing the gospel: “I don’t know enough” or “I’m not sure they would be interested” or maybe “What if I offend them?” Maybe you’ve found yourself thinking similar things at times. The Nephites had an additional reason for not sharing the gospel with the Lamanites: they were “a wild and a hardened and a ferocious people; a people who delighted in murdering the Nephites” (Alma 17:14; see also Alma 26:23–25). But the sons of Mosiah had an even stronger reason why they felt they must share the gospel with the Lamanites: “They were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish” (Mosiah 28:3). This love that inspired Ammon and his brothers can also inspire you to share the gospel with your family, friends, and acquaintances—even those who may not seem likely to accept it.

Here’s a video that was linked on the church website with this lesson.

And here’s the life of President Monson. What an amazing man he was! Always on the Lord’s errand.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 29 Alma 17-22 I Will Make an Instrument of Thee”

  1. Sue Christiansen

    Melanie! You are the best! I have been listening to your podcast since March 2019. Since then I have been listening every week and it is inspiring and motivating. I know I’ve changed by listening to your podcast. I have come closer to the Savior, I love more, I serve more, and I’m happier because of your podcast!
    Thank you

    1. kristine Pratt

      love listening to your podcast, I felt so close to what you have been through with your ex and kids! please don’t stop!!! Love you!!!

    2. Oh how I adore you! You make me smile- does that make you want to break out in song? I even miss your voice when a few days go by. Your levity and love is a blessing to me!

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