Melanie Stroud

Episode 28 Alma 13-16 Enter into the Rest of the Lord

June 15–21

Alma 13–16

“Enter into the Rest of the Lord”

In many ways, life in Ammonihah had been good for both Amulek and Zeezrom. Amulek was “a man of no small reputation,” with “many kindreds and friends” and “much riches” (Alma 10:4). Zeezrom was “one of the most expert” among the lawyers and enjoyed “much business” (Alma 10:31). Then Alma arrived in Ammonihah with a divine invitation to repent and “enter into the rest of the Lord” (Alma 13:16). For Amulek, Zeezrom, and others, accepting this invitation required sacrifice and even led to almost unbearable adversity.

But of course the story doesn’t end there. In Alma 13–16, we learn what ultimately happens to those who believe “in the power of Christ unto salvation” (Alma 15:6). Sometimes there’s deliverance, sometimes healing—and sometimes things don’t get any easier in this life. But always, “the Lord receiveth [His people] up unto himself, in glory” (Alma 14:11). Always, the Lord grants “power, according to [our] faith which [is] in Christ” (Alma 14:28). And always, that “faith on the Lord” gives us “hope that [we] shall receive eternal life” (Alma 13:29). As you read these chapters, you can take comfort in these promises, and you may come to understand better what Alma meant when he spoke of “the rest of the Lord.”

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5 thoughts on “Episode 28 Alma 13-16 Enter into the Rest of the Lord”

  1. Brandee Beachamp

    I’m listening for the first time and I filled up with tears during your story about the man and his sons blessing and the bishop giving him the authority to bless his son. Thank you for sharing his story

  2. Rebecca Hancox

    I listen as I walk in the morning. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ Od Latter Day Saints in Seneca SC. (Clemson University) Greenville SC Stake.
    Anyways I am a endowed convert since 2017. Not a young age convert either like ummm over 40, 50 I’m stopping.

    Married to high school sweetie with two married sons and nine Grands. Only member! Though yeah!
    Retired Licensed Counselor/Middle School Teacher.
    Now I relax-art, visit with kiddos.

    Am trying to learn as much as I possibly am able to from 1. The lockdown from virus. 2. A rogue huge 160 mph tornado smashed our tiny town of Seneca SC. We don’t do tornadoes-like never! 3. The destruction of Southern heritage as we knew it. Burning books, tearing down statues, renaming buildings- when will this madness stop? We all believe in our town, our neighborhood that all lives matter. We take care of each other no matter what. We always have. But I go on too much sorry…

    Calling is family history for almost a year.
    I just found your podcast so I began at the beginning so I almost had to stop walking when you went through genealogy of Jesus. So funny but awesome!

    Love your podcasts. Glad I can listen as I walk and receive a blessing.

    Really wanted to say hello and thanks and it turned into a sorry….we’ll kinda!

    I do have pioneer heritage and would have never known it had I not began my family search.

    Back in 2018 my goal was to attend RootsTech! Guess what I went with another consultant to RootsTech!!!loved it. It was the beginning of “The Virus” wowza!

    Thanks so much

  3. Awesome as always. I converted to The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints in 2017. I met and was taught by the best sister missionaries ever! We still keep in touch.
    Being a convert means one is forever learning about the church. Today’s lesson helped me personally and I felt the Spirit strongly as I did my daily walk and listened to you. I felt clean again as new as The Spirit visited me.
    Please don’t apologize for speaking truth; truth never hurts feelings. Truth turns on the light of Christ and of course it may sting but honestly how else can we repent?
    Again, love love your podcast and will share with my sisters in my ward.
    Hope you don’t tire of my attagirls! We tend to do that here in the South. I’m sure you can hear my southern accent here lol!

    1. Melanie Wellman

      Love it!! Thanks for reminding me of the importance of truth. And I NEVER get tired of attagirls! I need it. LOVE YOU!!

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