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Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon “Another Testament of Jesus Christ”

Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon

“Another Testament of Jesus Christ”

Before you even get to 1 Nephi chapter 1, it’s clear that the Book of Mormon is no ordinary book. Its introductory pages describe a backstory unlike any other—including visits of angels, an ancient record buried for centuries in a hillside, and an obscure farmer translating the record by the power of God. The Book of Mormon is not just a history of ancient American civilizations. It contains “the fulness of the everlasting gospel” (introduction to the Book of Mormon), and God Himself directed its coming forth—how it was written, how it was preserved, and how it was made available in our day. This year, as you read the Book of Mormon, pray about it, and apply its teachings, you will invite its power into your life, and you may feel to say, as the Three Witnesses did in their testimony, “It is marvelous in [my] eyes.”

Here’s the book I was talking about.  I really like the information he gives.

The Book of Mormon Made Easier

Don’t forget to listen to Season 1 Episode 15 if you haven’t.  It’s the best way to study the Book of Mormon I have found!

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13 thoughts on “Introductory Pages of the Book of Mormon “Another Testament of Jesus Christ””

  1. So excited about the Book of Mormon year with your podcast! Just wanted to let you know at minute 35 on Apple podcasts, Mariah has two voice tracks talking at the same time. I’m lost on what she’s trying to say there. Just in case no one else has told you!

      1. I was listening to this episode and you quoted President Nelson about the Book of Mormon (you will be immunized against the sins of today-or something like that). What is that talk? I have been trying to find it for so long and when I heard you quote it, I had a moment of “see I am listening to your prayers”.

        1. Smiling momma of 2

          I really wished that there was a way for you to post a transcription of your podcast. I really like to take a lot of your quotes and add them to my journal instead of paraphrasing all the time.

          1. Melanie Wellman

            I’ve had a few people offer to transcribe them. It’s too big of a job for someone to do for free.

  2. Love Mariah’s missionary experience and her testimony! Thanks for the spirit I felt as I listened to the podcast today. <3

  3. Krista Hollingshaus

    Thank you for the amazing podcast. I really love it. I’m so happy to use the links of episode notes and now the website! Also, thanks for keeping things real. It’s pretty much the best.

  4. James Hanyu Smith

    I don’t know if you had come across this before, but I just stumbled across this clip from President Russell M Nelson, talking about the Title Page of the Book of Mormon, and starts with, “Don’t you dare start reading the Book of Mormon with First Nephi, Chapter 1, Verse 1. You’ll miss the exciting Title Page…” and then proceeds to give a LOT of incite about the Title Page.

  5. Velvet Pinky Homer

    So I was listening to this podcast on my way to the airport to pick up my recently inactive 19-year-old son. Who left the church shortly after going to the U. He was coming home from a school trip from North Carolina which I thought the considence in the nearness of the location was so interesting. I got to the airport just right after you had introduced Mariah. So as I picked him up, I turned it off. I didn’t want to ruffle any feathers and I wanted to hear about his trip. I have felt the need to just love him (like so many of our leaders counsel) and let him find his path although we pray for us to be able to take the opportunity to talk to him when he is ready. After hearing about his trip and catching up, we still had another 1/2 hour to get home. I felt like I wanted to finish listening to the podcast so I asked him if it was ok if I listened to the podcast. After asking what it was about and I said the “Book of Mormon” he hesitantly said “sure.” So I turned it on and Mariah started telling her story. I had no idea what her interview was going to be about and as we started listening and it was about her doubts and struggles I started to get nervous. I wanted to turn it off! I didn’t want to add more wood to his fire. But then I remember that in previous podcasts you had said that if we shared your podcast with our struggling love ones you would take care of them. So I bravely left it on and we continue listening. It was amazing!! The truths that you both taught on our need to fight all the opposition around us now through the daily Book of Mormon reading was amazing. My son laughed with you and I could tell at times felt a little bit uncomfortable in his seat but all in all I knew it was just what he needed to hear from someone other than me. Tears came to my eyes as Mariah shared 1 Ne 15:23 and she explained it. And then as you talked about encountering trials and that if you want to stay you should read the Book of Mormom because, maybe it won’t answer your questions, but it will bring you peace. Then I remembered too that just a week earlier I was listening to something on the book Saints that I had no idea about that brought doubts to my mind and I struggled for an hour with it but then it went away. Later “I thought am I so weak of character that I let things go so easily?” but again those thoughts left me … Then just a couple of days ago as I was reading the Book of Mormon a, few days after I listened to your podcast, and following the way you suggested and I got to Joseph Smith’s story I realized that the reason that didn’t make me crumbled was because I have been reading the Book of Mormon every day for a long time so I have a testimony that what you’re saying is true. Anyway, THANK YOU for being so inspire to say the things you say and inviting the people to your show that you do. And for following the Spirit and doing the podcast. I’m not sure where this experience with my son will lead to but I know the seed was planted and he was called to repentance through you something that I couldn’t have done without causing more contention. THANK YOU! Sorry this was so long!

  6. I SO have someone I would love to put Mariah in contact with 😉

    Thank you for putting in so much work on this podcast. I discovered it last month, love it so much! It’s the great Sunday school conversation I don’t get to have ( I’m in primary)

    1. Thanks Alison! haha what a great story that would make, huh? find me on Facebook if you really want to set me up! x) mariyah housari

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