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BONUS EPISODE Book of Mormon Daily Study program

Here’s the study guide that goes along with this episode.  Enjoy!

Book Of Mormon Study Guide

“There is a power in the Book of Mormon which will begin to flow into your lives the minute that you begin a serious study of the book.  You will find the power to avoid deception.  You find the power to stay on the straight and narrow path.”  – President Benson

Set aside a block of time

1.  Pray.  Express gratitude. Repent.  Ask to gain knowledge and inspiration

2.  Read.  (Not necessarily a chapter a day.)  Smaller portions.  Learn to cross-reference. 

3.  Ponder. What does this have to do with me?  My family?  My job? etc.  Why was this saved for my day? 

4.  Write.  Write down the scriptures that touch you and your feelings about them.  

5.  Pray again.  Ask for help and guidance to apply the things you learned.  Thank Heavenly Father again for the rare opportunity you have to have the Book of Mormon. 

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18 thoughts on “BONUS EPISODE Book of Mormon Daily Study program”

  1. Stephanie Billeter

    Thank you for sharing this study approach. Really it’s nothing new that we haven’t heard, but it touched my heart. I think this was my favorite podcast. There was a spirit about it, I loved it. Thank you for sharing your testimony, thank you for your thoughts and your insight and your sincerity It was beautiful.

  2. I have enjoyed your podcast immensely as I have tried to increase my spirituality in the last year.

    I wanted to reach out and recommend another podcast about Latter day saint leadership that may offer some assitance for you, your friends daughter, and your ward leadership. There have been several episodes done for leaders and individuals dealing with same sex attraction within the church, and have provided resources and insights that could be useful. The leading Saints podcast has several interviews with North star which is an organization for latter day saints dealing with same sex attraction and they have information for the leaders as well. I have been feeling prompted to write to you for sometime about the podcast because I believe you should be interviewed on there as a leader yourself, however, when I heard your story, I realized why I needed to send the information to you.

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

    Keep going Sister Melanie! We are all enjoying your podcast and spirit!

    1. Melanie Wellman

      My sister sent me that podcast and I have listened to a few of them. They are really good!! I will have to go back and listen to more!

  3. I just want to say thank you for doing this podcast! My mom showed it to me about 3 months ago and I absolutely love it. I especially loved listening to this podcast because I have always wondered if there was more that could be done while reading my scriptures. And you made it so aware to me of how important the Book or Mormon is, it’s the keystone of our religion. I’m also going on a mission soon and I can’t wait to share this gospel and the teaching of the Book or Mormon with people!! As of today I’m going to start doing those 5 simple steps before I read my scriptures!! Thanks again!

  4. After hearing this Podcast I immediately went and bought a scripture study journal. I wrote in it for the first time and I’m excited to continue to do so. Lately I have really felt the need to make my scripture study more of a study than just reading through them. I wanted to feel the spirit more when I read and I wanted to hear Heavenly Father talking Tom me through the scriptures. I was sure how to do it though. This was an answer to my prayer. Thank you!

  5. I just this morning happened or rather was directed to your Podcasts and listened to the one about how to read the book of Mormon and apply it to our life. This is been just what I needed this morning. I love listening to you and can follow you very easily. This is something that I want to continue and want to thank you for very much. My mind has been so scattered it’s hard for me to focus lately but I have this great desire to improve my life and use the Scriptures for that purpose. I desire to make this year 2020 the best ever. But woke up this morning feeling defeated as I had indulged in eating sugar yesterday. So I am trying to focus on what is most important and it’s going to be getting closer to the Savior through my scriptures and prayer and relying on his help for all my other goals. Thank you for your example you are going to be blessed this year especially! I send my love to you!

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  7. I love your podcast! It makes Come Follow Me accessible to me and helps it come alive. I have a question about this method. You say in the podcast that you take notes on your phone. I’m curious, do you take the notes in the Gospel Library App or do you use a separate note app on your phone? Thank you for giving your time and sharing your spirit with us!

  8. Daniel Limburg

    Howdy Melanie,
    Last year around Thanksgiving one of my friends sent me a link to your podcast for that week. I had awesomeness dripping from my eyes. (I’m a man and we don’t cry…) I’ve been hooked ever since.
    I decided to listen to this episode as you’ve continually talked about it. It’s awesome! My wife and family now study the scriptures this way. So thank you.
    In the following episodes you talk about the vision of the tree of life. I love thinking that the people seen in the great and spacious building are all of us who participate in social media. Think about it, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and all sites like this exist in a building without a foundation. They are in the cloud… many there are guilty of only wearing their best clothing, making everything look perfect etc. And it’s a place for scoffing and pointing and laughing at people. In the current atmosphere (3/25/21) good Christian values are being mocked. They are being made to seem evil. And evil is being made to seem good. This vision applies to us right now so vividly for me.
    I feel your podcast is helping me keep both hands gripped firmly on the iron rod.
    So, thank you for being so raw and vulnerable with your testimony. I love and appreciate it!
    Daniel Limburg

    1. Melanie Wellman

      Thanks Daniel! I’m so happy your whole family is reading like that now! It’s so amazing! And thanks for being vulnerable enough to say you had awesomeness dripping from your eyes – even though you are a man! Haha. And your right about social media and the spacious building! It’s in the air! It’s not even a real building. So good!

  9. I’ve listened to your podcast since the very beginning. I recently have felt prompted to re-listen to this episode and to start a more serious study of the Book of Mormon. My patriarchial blessing repeatedly tells me to study the scriptures and I’ve never done a great job of it. But today I’ve copied and pasted your list into my journal and look forward to trying harder again.

  10. I recently had the privilege of meeting you and I’m so glad I did and you showed me how to listen to podcasts. Since then I have been listening and enjoying your podcast. This bonus on how to really study the Book of Mormon was very inspiring. I printed and followed the steps and I didn’t get past the first paragraph of the title page before feeling inspired to ponder “gifts”. It talks about the Book of Mormon being a gift from God and the interpretation done by the Gift of God. Have you ever given a gift to someone and they just didn’t appreciate it? How must our Heavenly Father feel when we don’t appreciate the gift he has given for our benefit? I’m going to apply this simple plan of study to this wonderful gift from my Heavenly Father. Thank you!

  11. I apologize in advance, I didn’t think I had so much to say 😂

    Hi Melanie, you have been a part of my life for the last 1 1/2 years. So many times I thought, I need to tell this beautiful woman how thankful I am she has come into my life and that the Lord spoke to me through her……So here it goes, I was born and raised a member of the church, but not active for many MANY years. And truthfully, I didn’t remember any of the scriptures or teachings, but in my heart I always knew that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was my church, but I never felt worthy to go back. I felt because of the my choices in my life, I would be frowned upon. I would go with my parents every once in a blue moon, but that was all. (My husband and daughter are not members) This is we’re you come in….My Auntie introduced me to Come Follow Me. (She has been my connection to the church and my cheerleader, but I didn’t tell her everything about why I wouldn’t go to Church. She never pushed me, but stood beside me and walked at my pace) One day I decided to look at the Come Follow Me podcasts, that is when I found you. You’re a podcast about addiction was the first one I listened to. That was the day I heard, my Heavenly Father still loves me, even though I wasn’t perfect and it was OK for me to go to church. I started off slow, I went to church….two times in about two months. Then two lovely ladies from Relief Society paid me a visit. (Who are still in my life and part of my journey♥️). Then covaid hit. Church was now online. That was really easy for me……(I even shared my testimony on zoom 😊 (a lot easier) and I receive my patriarchal blessing, that was really cool. Wow, having the Lord talk to me and tell me His vision for me, TO ME, through someone else, wow what a feeling!!) There are so many wonderful things I can say about how loved I feel by my Heavenly Father and the confirmations He has given me. He is my wonderful warm blanket that I am never without!

    The one thing that is very difficult for me, is understanding the Book of Mormon. I read it most days, but I don’t always understand it. Listening to you helps a lot!! And my faith that my attempts have not gone unnoticed keeps me pushing forward. I plan to read the Book of Mormon over and over, so I know the understanding will come, it may take me reading it 100 times, but I refuse to give up, but I WANT IT NOW! I know Heavenly Father puts “things” in front of me when I’m ready to hear……thank you, thank you Melanie, you mentioned in the podcast about how to read the Book of Mormon. (Lol I don’t remember hearing the how to podcast before 🤪) I have printed out the steps and this is my plan going forward. 🙏🏼
    Melanie, I am so VERY thankful for you, I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I get inside listening to your podcasts. I hope your podcast goes on FOREVER, if they don’t, I will be very sad, but I will understand it is your time to move on, the Lord will provide for me as He always does.…..but, really, if you could move in with me that would be best 😂
    Truly, thank you!!!! I learn from you, smile and cry with you. And laugh because I totally get your goofy side. 😁
    Well, I’m going to stop writing now 😂
    Have a better than average day Melanie and thanks for reading my note! 😘

  12. I’m using the Guess Jeans story tomorrow in my seminary class to illustrate the importance of scripture study and how it can lead to finding answers to life’s problems. Thank you!

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