Melanie Stroud

My Instagram was HACKED

I’m so sorry people! My Instagram was hacked. Whoever has it is trying to get people to buy bitcoin saying they are me. PLEASE tap the 3 little dot in the upper right corner and report it as spam or as someone posing as someone you know. If you can’t do that, just don’t believe anything you see or read from me on social media until I get it resolved. They are now using _comefollowmeforus in case you think I somehow got it back. I didn’t.

You know what’s super cool? I went to the temple yesterday and got a lot of clarity about the book. I then went to the library and got it all worked out – what goes where etc. I was so proud of myself and all excited to write all day today. But no – I’ve spent all day trying to recover my account. I’m so sad. So disappointed that I was tricked and I really hope no one is buying their bitcoin or thinking anything coming off of there today is me! It’s not!!!

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