Melanie Stroud

Instagram Hack Alert!

This short episode is only to warn you that my Instagram account @comefollowmeforus was stolen and the hackers are pretending to be me and asking everyone to invest in bitcoin.  I hope that no one thought it was me!  I am working to get it fixed.  I’m so sorry!!

Please listen to know what you can do to help.  So sorry!!  

Resources coming soon. Please check back.

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2 thoughts on “Instagram Hack Alert!”

  1. So sorry that your account was hacked. The thought came to my mind when you said that you had been in the temple and had all this clarity about your book. Satan must REALLY not want that book out there that he caused your account to be hacked so you were distracted from working on your book. My mission president used to say You can tell how true something is, by the amount of opposition it gets.” Example Joseph Smith, The Book of Mormon etc

    1. Melanie Wellman

      YES!!! You helped me to realize this when I read it on my phone yesterday. Thanks so much for this thought. It’s true. Now, if I can just get it fixed so good people don’t lose all their money – that would be marvelous!!

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