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Episode 18 – Numbers 11–14; 20–24 “Rebel Not Ye against the Lord, Neither Fear”

This episode is about the whining and complaining Israelites.  What’s new?  I loved in the intro how it said, “…the children of Israel needed, not to cover the geographical distance but to cover the spiritual distance: the distance between who they were and who the Lord needed them to become.” So it is with us!  If we stop complaining – we’ll get to the land of milk and honey much faster and become who the Lord wants us to become. 

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1 thought on “Episode 18 – Numbers 11–14; 20–24 “Rebel Not Ye against the Lord, Neither Fear””

  1. Thanks for another great podcast! You really do a wonderful job of showing the message of the scriptures and relating it to our life. I especially loved today’s message of always feeling grateful for everything the Lord does and using that feeling of gratitude to grow and become a better person.

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