Melanie Stroud

Episode 16 – Exodus 35-40; Leviticus 1;16; 19 “Holiness to the Lord”

Shelby (Great Value Stroud) takes over again so Melanie can work on her book. This episode is about the tabernacle, sacrifice and what we can do to be Holy.

Resources coming soon. Please check back.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 16 – Exodus 35-40; Leviticus 1;16; 19 “Holiness to the Lord””

  1. Gaylene Mattinson

    Dear Melanie, thank you all you do to help us live more fully. I love you instagrams and your podcast. I know you are being flooded with many of life’s opportunities, love to follow and lean in on your spirit and love ❤️ for whatever reason I am no longer able to get your emails and when I try to resign up I am unable to because it says I am already signed up. If possible would you be able to help. I cant ever get the additional talks, thank you very much. Gaylene

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