Melanie Stroud

Episode 13 “It’s OK to Say I Can’t”

This isn’t a full podcast about Doctrine and Covenants 29.   It’s me saying it’s ok to say no once in a while.

I will link a few talks about being overwhelmed and making good choices at – but not right away.  I have to go clean up amphibian slime.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 13 “It’s OK to Say I Can’t””

  1. Mariann frederiksen

    Dear Melanie
    Thanks for all you do, this is an important Discovery❤️I love your podcasts , my daughter and I listen every week, and at the same time I watch different lessons on ytube. I suggest you only do the podcast 2 times a month, with that weeks material! You still change People’s lifes🥰🙏Yesterday the missionaries came over to help me paint, and I had your podcast on from last week. Sister Paras Said: oh, Thats Melanie you are listening to! She is so Good! Turns out, she went to a fireside just before her mission, and spole with you about her mission in Denmark and learning a difficult language!😅👏🥰isnt that cool!
    God bless you and give you Peace and strength, also to say no some times. I have enjoyed your podcasts so much, If they only come twice a month, Im still very thankful and Will look forward even more ❤️
    Mariann frederiksen

  2. Thank you for your words it is okay to say I can’t. This is what I needed this week. Thank you for listen to the sprit and saying you can’t right now. You helped me see that I am okay to I can’t.

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