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If you know me, you know I LOVE confetti cannons more than anything! I made Courtney and Garrett blow them off at their wedding. They are the best things ever.

Here’s a fun story. A few years back I was finally able to live my dream of going to see a Garth Brooks concert. I had missed it in college (I think I blame it on Preston for some reason…) and had always been sad about it. During the concert, all of a sudden, BAM! they blew off a confetti cannon. I had never had all that magic fall down on me. Garth Brooks + confetti canon. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE. (Sorry kids – your births were second.)

This was a little scary – I’m not going to lie. But luckily we had one lying around for my car videos so we decided to blow that thing off. Too bad we didn’t know how.

And PS… I said it was the ten thousandth EPISODE. Let’s not get crazy people. I think that’s impossible. Thanks for sharing it with your friends because, well, it gave us a reason to blow that thing off!

Love you!

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2 thoughts on “10,000 Downloads”

  1. I just tried commenting and then it disappeared, so if you see this twice, feel free to delete one. But I just wanted to say that your amazing and your podcasts and websites are blessing me. As a 29 year old YSA, I have felt strengthened to deal with my trials and anxiety from your podcasts. My mom says you were in our ward in Richmond when I was young, and that you are awesome! I don’t remember you or know you personally, but I love you! Thank you for following promptings from Heavenly Father to start sharing your testimony with the world.

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