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Transcription Project

Below is a video of me explaining the project.

If you are interested there will be a tutorial video emailed back to you with your link that contains more helpful information.

If you do decide you would like to participate, click on the link below for the Sign Up Genius to pick a podcast to transcribe. Please only pick one at a time until you know how long it will take you. We want to try to get all of Season One transcribed within a week or so. So please just start by picking one. When you do, make sure you leave your email address so that my awesome helper Greg can send you over the Otter link so you can sign up and get started.

Thanks again, so much for helping with this! It means so much to me.

*Please note – the projects will be sent to you the evening you sign up. Thank you!!

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5 thoughts on “Transcription Project”

  1. S01:E48 – 18 NOV 2019

    This one is done. I tried to e-mail you, but I couldn’t find the actual address.

    As I was looking, I saw that you served in Tokyo South. What areas were you in? I served there from 1988 to 1990.

    1. Melanie Wellman

      I was in Tokyo South just from January till the end of April 1995. I actually served the majority of my mission down in the Kobe Mission. Near the end, they combined two missions and had to spread the rest of us around. I had to transfer on the Shinkanzen. Pretty cool transfer!

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