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The Book of Mormon Will Change Your Life

This week the lesson referenced a talk by Elder Eyring called, “The Book of Mormon Will Change Your Life.” I loved it! I called my ever talented sister in law Cheryl and asked if she’d make me some printables to give out so people could print them and put them in their homes. And look how awesome they turned out!

And I didn’t even know she had an Etsy store! She does cute printables and baptism programs etc. Check it out! WellmanDesigns But these below are FREE. Download them straight from here. The Book of Mormon Printables (The pdf’s are for printing at home. You will need to trim them. The jpegs are for sending to a lab.)

I will link the whole talk below. And include an excerpt.

“Some years ago, my son Matthew came home from a seminary council meeting and said, “Dad, I want you to carve something.” He gave me the text. The plaque I carved says, “The Book of Mormon will change your life.”1

My message to you is simple: What was written on that plaque is true. Did you notice the words of the quotation? It does not say the teaching or the study of the book will change your life. It says, “The Book of Mormon will change your life.” – Elder Eyring

I echo these words 1,000 times and LOUDLY!! Read it every day. Study its pages. Hold it in your hands. And you’ll be amazed at what the Lord is ready to teach you.

(Some people were having problems downloading the files above. They work for some people so… here are a few you can just click on a download. The only problem is the 8×10 jpeg is too big. It won’t let me add it. So if you need that one, leave a comment and an email and I’ll email it for you.

Sorry if it was frustrating.

5×7 pdf. Best for printing at home
8×10 pdf. Best for printing at home
5×7 jpeg. Best for printing at a lab

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