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Scripture Study Webinar

Last week I was able to be on a webinar with my new friend Oak Norton. He is the developer of a scripture study app that is really quite amazing. He offered it to me free of charge to use and see how I liked it. I really like it! There is a learning curve, but fortunately there are many how-to videos that will help set you on your way to using his powerful tool.

In this webinar, I briefly discuss my background and then talk a bit more about the book. Then I show how I study the scriptures using my computer and a Word document. Then Oak shows us around his app a little bit. For those who know me oh so well from years of podcasts and the book, you may not hear anything too new or riveting from me. Haha. But it is worth a listen for Oak to show you around his app. I actually think it’s really handy.

Here’s a link to the webinar. WEBINAR

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1 thought on “Scripture Study Webinar”

  1. Eva Maria Scott

    Melanie, I really enjoy your podcast even your silly, laughs and distractions. I think you’re adorable so spiritual and please never stop doing this because you inspire so many people this Come follow me for us keep us focus on the gospel. I listen to it as I drive a lot and then I read it at home on the manual or iPad. We are down to one kid left at home it is impossible to do fhe we totally have fallen off now that we are 3 instead of 6 . I really stress ab my kids leaving the church or being inactive but your talk on this really helped… Our job is to raise kids in righteousness to raise righteous kids. They still have their free will and they can make it on decisions. They are not eating with the pigs lol!!

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