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Episode 30, Isaiah 1–12 “God Is My Salvation”

This Episode contains a little intro to why studying Isaiah is important.   I only go through the first little bit, and you have homework to go and study it yourself and see what the Lord wants you to learn.

Here are the links I mentioned.

Here is a link to the talk, “The Three I’s, By Sterlling W. Sill  

I used this quote from it, “On the brink of the ocean of life and truth we are miserably dying … Sometimes we are furtherest away when we are closest by … . We stand on the brink of an ocean of power, but each must take the steps that would bring him there.” So frequently “we are furtherest away when we are closest by.” – Thomas A Edison

But the whole talk is excellent. 


Of course, I spent all the time yesterday recording my process as I studied for the podcast, and the recording is nowhere to be found. I hate technology with all my soul – with the fire of 1,000 suns. So you won’t get that video. I’ll try to do it again next week. I’m so sorry!

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