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Episode 3 Moses 7 “The Lord Called His People Zion”

This episode is about Moses 7 and Enoch and his people being taken up to Heaven.  I talked about how lucky we are to be able to be part of this time period on the earth and also talked about dragging my mom down the shallow river by her foot.  Good times.

From the manual

Throughout history, people have tried to achieve what Enoch and his people accomplished: building an ideal society where there is no poverty or violence. As God’s people, we share this desire. We call it building Zion, and it includes—in addition to caring for the poor and promoting peace—making covenants, dwelling together in righteousness, and becoming one with each other and with Jesus Christ, “the King of Zion” (Moses 7:53). Because the work of establishing Zion continues in our day, it’s helpful to ask, How did Enoch and his people do it? How did they become “of one heart and one mind” (Moses 7:18) despite the wickedness around them? Among the many details Moses 7 gives us about Zion, a particularly valuable one for Latter-day Saints might be this: Zion is not just a city—it is a condition of the heart and spirit. Zion, as the Lord has taught, is “the pure in heart” (Doctrine and Covenants 97:21). So perhaps the best way to build Zion is to start in our own hearts and homes. Click on this link for the BYU speech by President Worthen Fulfilling the Destiny of Zion

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