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Episode 40 Doctrine and Covenants 124 “A House unto My Name”

This lesson talks about many characteristics of the early saints and the lessons we can learn from them.  It also talks about the residents of Quincy, Illinois that helped the struggling Saints as they limped out of Missouri.

From the manual: 

As difficult as the last six years had been for the Saints, things started to look up in the spring of 1839: The refugee Saints had found compassion among the citizens of Quincy, Illinois. Guards had allowed the Prophet Joseph Smith and other Church leaders to escape captivity in Missouri. And the Church had just purchased land in Illinois where the Saints could gather again. Yes, it was swampy, mosquito-infested land, but compared to the challenges the Saints had already faced, this probably seemed manageable. So they drained the swamp and drafted a charter for a new city, which they named Nauvoo. It means “beautiful” in Hebrew, though it was more an expression of faith than an accurate description, at least at first. Meanwhile, the Lord was impressing His Prophet with a sense of urgency. He had more truths and ordinances to restore, and He needed a holy temple where the Saints could receive them. In many ways, these same feelings of faith and urgency are important in the Lord’s work today.

While Nauvoo did become a beautiful city with a beautiful temple, both were eventually abandoned. But the Lord’s truly beautiful work, all along, has been to “crown you with honor, immortality, and eternal life” (Doctrine and Covenants 124:55), and that work never ends.

See Saints, 1:399–427; “Organizing the Church in Nauvoo,” Revelations in Context, 264–71.


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