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Episode 35 (SECOND HALF OF EPISODE 34) Doctrine and Covenants 102–105 “After Much Tribulation … Cometh the Blessing”

This is the second half of Episode 34 which talks mainly about Zion’s camp.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 35 (SECOND HALF OF EPISODE 34) Doctrine and Covenants 102–105 “After Much Tribulation … Cometh the Blessing””

  1. I’ve been listening to you for about a year and a half. I love how the curriculum seems to have changed me. It used to be something I do as a study. Now it’s something I am. I feel like I have become as President. Nelson said, The principle of revelation. I do it because the result is daily, hourly, minute to minute revelation. I say this because I hear it in you too. You talk less about your life, which life I do actually love to hear about, but you seem to be like the angels that appear in the Book of Mormon, not with a personal message but with the principle of revelation. Thank you for your messages, personal and as a conduit for revelation. You are a window that light and love shine through.

    1. Melanie Wellman

      How kind!! Thanks so much. I’m so glad you are finding revelation in your daily life now. It’s so important and I felt it that its importance was reiterated at conference this weekend!

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