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Episode 31 Doctrine and Covenants 93 “Receive of His Fulness”

This episode is about learning precept on precept and grace for grace.  It talks about light and truth.

Letter from listener about following the prophet.

“Melanie- I’m SO grateful for your testimony of following the prophet. The Spir“IT” WORKS! I shared my story with my husband and he thinks I’m off my rocker but we shine on podcasts peeps know EXACTLY about these small miracles and I finally had one. ….  I lost my wedding ring in early July 2021 after a camping trip. It was no where to be seen. The Spirit always comforted my mind it would show up one day but after several attempts of looking around I gave up. Cut to now- and today’s issues. I was 100,000% against getting the vaccination.  Then the emailed came out and I wrestled and wrestled. Thoughts of “well if the Prophet jumped off a cliff would I…it’s about personal revelation. Blah blah blah Prophets make mistakes too..etc.”  Embarrassed as I am to type this brain chatter I have to share because its truth.  Listened to your podcast, watch your IG posts…listened to your Part 2 podcast and your testimony of following the prophet hit my soul.  Today I said an out loud prayer to heavenly father. I told him I was confused, I had no idea what to do, I honestly felt that getting the vaccination was putting poison in my body BUT I wanted to follow the Prophet. Then IT happened. The Spirit spoke to me and I knew my answer. I got home and called my husband, shared with [him] my decision and felt the overwhelming feeling of peace. The Saviors spiritual hugs all around me.  As I looked at the clock I realized I needed to get back in the car for school pick up…into he bathroom, grabbed my make up bag, opened up the Velcro front and “ting” my wedding rings suddenly pops onto the bathroom counter. I have opened my makeup several times daily since our camping trip…I’ve dumped my bag out multiple times looking and looking for my ring. No way it would just pop out from just un-velcroing the opening. Where in the world would it come from.?  I knew. I hit my knees I knew exactly what this was! Heavenly Father let me know he hears my prayers and he is aware of me. He gave me this as a reminder that when I choose to follow the prophet miracles will happen. This was not about my ring. It was the miracle God showed me of potential blessings for me and my family as I beckon the Saviors call to follow Him and to always follow the Prophet. …📖 Shine on ✨🥰🙏🏻”

From the manual: 

“When you climb up a ladder,” Joseph Smith taught, “you must begin at the bottom, and ascend step by step, until you arrive at the top; and so it is with the principles of the gospel—you must begin with the first, and go on until you learn all the principles of exaltation” (Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith [2007], 268).

Sometimes that ladder of exaltation seems impossibly high , but we were born to climb to the top. Whatever limitations we may see in ourselves, Heavenly Father and His Son see something glorious in us, something godlike. Just as Jesus Christ “was in the beginning with the Father,” so “ye were also” (Doctrine and Covenants 93:21, 23). Just as He “continued from grace to grace, until he received a fulness,” so also “you shall receive grace for grace” (verses 13, 20). The restored gospel teaches us about the true nature of God, and so it also teaches us about ourselves and what we can become. Despite the efforts of the “wicked one” (verse 39)—and despite what you feel you may lack—you are a literal child of God with the potential to “in due time receive of his fulness” (verse 19).

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3 thoughts on “Episode 31 Doctrine and Covenants 93 “Receive of His Fulness””

  1. Hi Melanie,
    I love your enthusiasm and continued perseverance. The podcast is very enjoyable.

    On this weeks show you talked about not shaming people, and used the example of the Savior and the woman caught in adultery. When one reads the parable, Jesus is asked what punishment he thinks should be meted out. Interestingly, he did not initially answer, but wrote on the ground. Which he actually did twice.

    Now it is not recorded what was written, but it was impactful enough to disperse the men. I believe that he in fact, did shame them. He likely pointed out something that only they would know about, that pricked their conscience. He did not vocally call them out to avoid public embarrassment, but it did cause them to be ashamed enough to leave. Shame / conscience is an important part of the gospel, I believe it is one of the Holy Ghosts tools to help us stay on the path. Just some food for thought.


    1. Melanie Wellman

      Interesting. I so wonder what he wrote in the dirt! There was a show called, “The Ressurection of Gavin Stone” that I liked that had a cool part in it about the writing in the dirt. It was actually made by the guy who produces the Chosen series. But anyway, I did take that part, along with many other parts out of the podcast, and re-released it. Mainly, because I felt I was beating a dead horse and I didn’t want to continue the arguments.
      But I do appreciate your thoughts,

  2. Thanks so much for all your hard work to do this podcast. I try to leave reviews or comments but not sure they post. So if you see duplicates that is why

    I wanted to let you know that Frederick G Williams did teach his children light and truth. And they taught their children and etc. etc. He now has 1000+ descendants Many have served in various church callings. Along with missionaries, temple workers, mission and temple presidents.

    Of that first Presidency, FG Williams family is the only one to go West with the Saints. Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon’s families did not.

    We will forever grateful for President Williams and his wife, Rebecca Swain, for their example and dedication in the gospel.

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