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Episode 25 Doctrine and Covenants 67–70 “Worth … the Riches of the Whole Earth”

This episode includes the story about Levi Hancock and the preface to the Book of Commandments.  I share the story of the Spanish Branch and my husband’s watch story from when he was young.  It talks about being excited about the gospel, letting the Holy Spirit guide you – in sharing the gospel and raising your kids.  And it talks about parenting. 

From the manual: 

From 1828 to 1831, the Prophet Joseph Smith received many revelations from the Lord, including divine counsel for individuals, instructions on governing the Church, and inspiring visions of the latter days. But many of the Saints hadn’t read them. The revelations weren’t yet published, and the few available copies were handwritten on loose sheets that were circulated among members and carried around by missionaries.

Then, in November 1831, Joseph called a council of Church leaders to discuss publishing the revelations. After seeking the Lord’s will, these leaders made plans to publish the Book of Commandments—the precursor to today’s Doctrine and Covenants. Soon everyone would be able to read for themselves the word of God revealed through a living prophet, vivid evidence that “the keys of the mysteries of the kingdom of our Savior are again entrusted to man.” For these and many other reasons, Saints then and now consider these revelations to be “worth … the riches of the whole Earth” (Doctrine and Covenants 70, section heading).

See Saints, 1:140–43.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 25 Doctrine and Covenants 67–70 “Worth … the Riches of the Whole Earth””

  1. Hi Melanie! I have a friend who does a podcast for youth about pornography. It is really great. She might be someone you’d like to talk to as you prepare for your pornography episode. Her name is Lisa Bruneel and her podcast is “Armed With Truth”

  2. I’m so happy to have been introduced to your podcast! And not just because Levi Ward Hancock is my great grandpa:) Everything in this podcast was excellent! I appreciate your encouragement on never giving up in our adult children.

  3. Thank you so much for this episode! I know you may receive a lot of flack for the commentary on modesty standards but it was so comforting to me. My daughter recently came to me and asked why I never buy her bikinis when all her friends wear them. I literally just pulled up the Dress and Appearance section of For The Strength of Youth on my phone and let her read for herself. It was such a great conversation about following the prophet and why. It has been plainly stated that these standards are still relevant today and that they don’t exist to shame anyone. Love everyone!

  4. I love how God works. Today I was feeling sad and frustrated listening to my mom go on and on about this girl from my childhood with whom I had always felt insecure when I was around her. We are adults now and hearing about her brought up all of these old feelings of insecurity and jealousy. I haven’t seen her in decades and yet there were clearly these unresolved feelings bubbly up to the surface and they were really bothering me. How could jealousy from 30 years still be buried inside? Then I turned on your podcast and you immediately talked about jealousy and how we can pray to not be jealous. So simple. Of course I can pray for that. Thanks for the reminder.

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