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Episode 52 Moroni 1–6 To Keep Them in the Right Way

This episode contains two parts.  The first 25 minutes are thoughts on this weeks’ lesson.  The second half is part of Season 1 Episode 3 about the Christmas Nativity.  I thought it might be nice to play it with your family as you get out your nativity this year.  The prophet has asked us to try to find the ways that the Lord speaks to us.  This little part of the lesson may just be able to help you find the way he talks to you.

Moroni 1–6

“To Keep Them in the Right Way”

After finishing his father’s record of the Nephites and abridging the record of the Jaredites, Moroni thought at first that his record-keeping work was done (see Moroni 1:1). What more was there to say about two nations that were utterly destroyed? But Moroni had seen our times (see Mormon 8:35), and he was inspired to “write a few more things, that perhaps they may be of worth … in some future day” (Moroni 1:4). He knew that widespread apostasy was coming, bringing with it confusion about priesthood ordinances and religion in general. This may be why he gave clarifying details about the sacrament, baptism, conferring the gift of the Holy Ghost, and the blessings of gathering with fellow believers to “keep [each other] in the right way, … relying alone upon the merits of Christ, who was the author and the finisher of [our] faith” (Moroni 6:4). Precious insights like these give us reason to be thankful that the Lord preserved Moroni’s life so he could “write a few more things” (Moroni 1:4).

Here is a link to the page about the swaddling clothes.  Because of copyright, I don’t want to add the picture – in case it’s not allowed.  But click here to be taken to the page that talks about the story. 


Below is the link to the prophet explaining how he got the idea to do the gratitude prayer and challenge.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 52 Moroni 1–6 To Keep Them in the Right Way”

  1. Melanie—
    I have been thinking about you all day…I always think about your podcast…but today I was thinking about Melanie Price Wellman Stroud. My grandma is close to joining my grandfather on the other side of the veil. While we will miss her, there is something beautiful that happens when a loved one passes. I like to picture all of those who love her being connected by the strands of a great web. We are always joined together through this connection, but when someone moves on, the strands are illuminated through the united celebration of life, love & memories. As I was thinking about you…and no I don’t think you are dying😬, I had a similar vision of the connection Come Follow Me for Us listeners share. You lead us in a celebration of Christ’s life, love & promised blessings. Each week we individually listen, ponder & reflect on your thoughts & the Gospel message. In turn, each of our strands are illuminated. Although this connection remains only theoretical, it is beautiful. At the end of each strand is an individual whose unique mortal journey is full of hardship & sacrifice & yet His light give us the courage to “Shine On”.
    Much love,
    Amber Hoopes

    1. Melanie Wellman

      This is SOOOO beautiful! I can see the imagery you are describing. Thank you for writing this today. It means a lot!!

  2. Melanie, thanks for your podcasts. You are an inspiration to me. You help me to keep on having hope, faith, and love. I loved the insights on the swaddling bands.
    And, happy birthday!
    Sincerely, Carol.

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