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Episode 34 Alma 43–52 Stand Fast in the Faith of Christ

Alma 43–52

“Stand Fast in the Faith of Christ”

When we read these words at the beginning of Alma chapter 43—“And now I return to an account of the wars between the Nephites and the Lamanites”—it’s natural to wonder why Mormon included these war stories when he had limited space on the plates (see Words of Mormon 1:5). It’s true that we have our share of wars in the latter days, but there is value in his words beyond the descriptions of the strategy and tragedy of war. His words also prepare us for the war in which “we are all enlisted” (Hymns, no. 250), the war we are fighting each day against the forces of evil. This war is very real, and the outcome affects our eternal lives. Like the Nephites, we are “inspired by a better cause,” which is “our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our [families].” Moroni called this “the cause of the Christians,” the same cause we are fighting for today (Alma 43:45; 46:12, 16).


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2 thoughts on “Episode 34 Alma 43–52 Stand Fast in the Faith of Christ”

  1. I LOVED this one (I really loved last week’s, too – I sure wish I had heard a lesson like that when I was a young woman). But thank you so much for “we need to faithfully defend, not attack”. As someone who avoids conflict like the plague (COVID?), while I may seldom be in attack mode, I need to be better prepared to be in defend mode. As the world around us grows darker, those of us blessed with the knowledge of the restored gospel need to shine a little brighter. I felt that in my soul. I also really needed to hear “the Lord knows where all the words are” – it’s true! it doesn’t matter where you start reading, He will get His message across if we trust Him enough to put our faces in the scriptures.

    Finally, your nephew Colby is just the sweetest. I love his enthusiasm, his understanding, and his love for the Book of Mormon. Kids these days give me so much hope for the future. They really are the greatest generation.

    Thank you for all that you do – your podcast has blessed my life immeasurably. It has changed the way I read the scriptures and has helped me to feel less alone in this time commotion and upheaval. Thank you for being a beacon of light in the darkness.

  2. I am so very grateful for this podcast episode 34! Thank you, Melanie!! Yet again, I feel that the Lord has influenced you to deliver it a little differently than you intended, but it definitely hit the nail on the head for me, at least, if not for others.
    The first episode of yours that I listened to was where you described your process (taught by your mission president) for reading and studying the Book of Mormon. That had a very powerful impact on me, and my own personal study improved maybe 500%. I really, really want the Lord to speak to me through the scriptures like He does you. I started reading instead of listening only, and I took careful notes for probably the first time, ever – trying to follow the Come Follow Me course of study. I prayed prayers of gratitude and repentance, etc. Yet somehow, even though I had improved greatly, I was still missing that connection of Him speaking to me through the pages of the Book of Mormon. I have things I want to hear His input on, and felt a bit frustrated that I somehow was still not yet “hearing Him”.
    So this episode was perfect for me! To hear, step by step, how you read and take notes and hear questions and answers in your mind really sets an example for me and helps tremendously. I changed the way I was reading and taking notes a little, and already I can see the difference. Instead of writing down only the questions from the manual and my responses to them, I am now able to come up with some unique questions for me and my situation, and sometimes answers popped into my head almost immediately. I still have a lot more growth to do (thank goodness!), but that was just the kick-start that I needed.
    And I am so impressed by Shane’s (and your) example with regards to movie/TV language. Like you, I too have become complacent about hearing a lot of words, thinking that it’s just the way society is these days, but I am now rethinking that attitude.
    Melanie, you are truly an instrument in the Lord’s hand. Thank you for doing what you do.
    -Norm Johnson-

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