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Episode 32 Alma 36–38 Look to God and Live

Alma 36–38

“Look to God and Live”

When Alma saw wickedness around him, he felt deep “sorrow,” “tribulation,” and “anguish of soul” (Alma 8:14). “Wickedness among this people,” he said of the Zoramites, “doth pain my soul” (Alma 31:30). He felt something similar after returning from his mission to the Zoramites—he observed that “the hearts of the people began to wax hard, and that they began to be offended because of the strictness of the word,” and this made his heart “exceedingly sorrowful” (Alma 35:15). What did Alma do about what he saw and felt? He didn’t simply become discouraged or cynical about the state of the world. Instead, “he caused that his sons should be gathered together” and taught them “things pertaining unto righteousness” (Alma 35:16). He taught them that “there is no other way or means whereby man can be saved, only in and through Christ. … Behold, he is the word of truth and righteousness” (Alma 38:9).

I’ve got so much stuff to link today!! Whoa.  Ok here they are in no particular order. 


How Rare a Possession

This is a terrible quality screen recording of this movie produced by the church I think. If I’m adding to piracy, I’m sorry. I have it on VHS somewhere, perhaps in Japanese. But that isn’t going to do anyone any good.

2019 Pioneer Day Concert with Sissel

Why didn’t I know about this woman? She has a voice of an angel. She may actually BE an angel. I can’t say for sure. Her song “Slow Down” made me feel all the feels and cry like a baby. It’s at minute 48:06. But I’m looking forward to watching all of it.
The Blessings of Scripture
Small and Simple Things

I didn’t end up using this talk but it’s listed as a resource and it’s good.

I Know That My Savior Loves Me


I wish that there was a video of Elder Corbridge giving this talk, but there’s not. Here’s the link to his talk Surviving and Thriving like the Pioneers in this month’s Ensign.

And here is the link to the Discourses of Eliza R Snow. Beware, you might spend 4 hours over there.

If I forgot something else I said I’d link let me know. Shine On!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 32 Alma 36–38 Look to God and Live”

  1. I am loving your podcasts, this is definately your calling on the earth.I think we all have unique gifts and personalities that can be used by Heavenly Father if we let Him, and you are an instrument to progress His work (through your podcasts!) I haven’t feasting on the words of Christ in a few years, it often became a tick off task for me, where I wouldn’t always gain something new each time. But with the Lord’s help through prayer I have feasted again, and truely feel that promised blessing of making better choices each day. I sing the song of redeeming love. I have found my joy in Christ again. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful podcast! In Alma 39:9, it says “cross yourself” and I felt inspired to share this quote out of the Book of Mormon institute manual. Thanks for sharing this podcast with the world every week!

    The phrase “cross yourself,” as used in Alma 39:9, is not familiar to us today. However, in Webster’s 1828 dictionary, we find the following helpful definitions that relate to Alma’s counsel to his son: “To erase, to cancel, to counteract, to stop, to preclude” (Noah Webster’s First Edition of an American Dictionary of the English Language, 1828 [1967]). All of these actions apply well to what one must do to avoid moral transgression, the topic Alma was teaching his son Corianton. Refer also to the footnote for Alma 39:9b, which refers to self-mastery in the Topical Guide (page 461)).

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