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Episode 30 Alma 23-29 They “Never Did Fall Away”

Alma 23–29

They “Never Did Fall Away”

Do you sometimes wonder whether people can really change? Maybe you worry about whether you can overcome poor choices you’ve made or bad habits you’ve developed, or you may have similar worries about loved ones. If so, the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies can help you. These people were the sworn enemies of the Nephites. When Ammon and his brethren decided to preach the gospel to them, the Nephites “laughed [them] to scorn.” Killing the Lamanites seemed like a more plausible solution than converting them. (See Alma 26:23–25.)

But the Lamanites did change—through the converting power of the Lord. Where once they were known as “a hardened and a ferocious people” (Alma 17:14), they became “distinguished for their zeal towards God” (Alma 27:27). In fact, they “never did fall away” (Alma 23:6).

Maybe you have false traditions to abandon or “weapons of … rebellion” to lay down (Alma 23:7). Or maybe you just need to be a little more zealous in your testimony and a little less prone to falling away. No matter what changes you need, Alma 23–29 can give you hope that, through the atoning power of Jesus Christ, long-lasting change is possible.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 30 Alma 23-29 They “Never Did Fall Away””

  1. My family loves your podcast, and you, quite frankly. I feel like you’re one of my friends, even though you don’t know me. What is your tie to Pleasant View/North Ogden? I grew up in Pleasant View.
    Anyhoo, My boys made an Alma and Korihor rap to Hamilton and they wanted to share it with fun people like you-hopefully you can get to it from this Vimeo link…love your guts!

    1. Melanie Wellman

      Thanks!! My grandma lived in the White Barn. My mom and my younger siblings moved there in 1996. My siblings all went to Weber High. My maiden name is Price.
      And that video is the best! That kale behind his ear is the best part. Whoever wrote that has mad skills and your boys voices are really good. I have to share it!

  2. Share away! I grew up in PV, but got married and moved away in1993, so just missed your family. I’ll have to ask my younger siblings if they know any of yours. My maiden name was Garner-my mom still lives there, and my dad was in the Stake Presidency when your family moved there. Small world. My husband is an orthodontist so we have the whole dental school experience in common too.
    Anyhoo, love your guts, love your podcast, and I love that you are unfiltered like me. XOXO

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