Melanie Stroud

Episode 21 Mosiah 11-17 “A Light … That Can Never Be Darkened”

May 4–10

Mosiah 11–17

“A Light … That Can Never Be Darkened”

Large fires can start from a single spark. Abinadi was only one man testifying against a powerful king and his court. His words were rejected for the most part, and he was sentenced to death. Yet his testimony of Jesus Christ, who is the “light … that can never be darkened” (Mosiah 16:9), sparked something inside the young priest Alma. And that spark of conversion slowly grew as Alma brought many others to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. The flames that killed Abinadi eventually died out, but the fire of faith that his words created would have a lasting influence on the Nephites—and on those who read his words today. Most of us will never face quite what Abinadi did because of our testimonies, but we all have moments when following Jesus Christ is a test of our courage and faith. Perhaps studying Abinadi’s testimony will fan the flames of testimony and courage in your heart as well.


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1 thought on “Episode 21 Mosiah 11-17 “A Light … That Can Never Be Darkened””

  1. Mareva gardner

    I’ve just started listening and I’m loving it! I slowly walk in the park with my headphones on and my mind, which usually wanders, does not! Thank you!

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